Chapter 16

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Once Tyler released them from the hug, they carried on the conversation for a while before driving Rose home. Byron noticed him wave as she entered the house. "Who was that?"

"Tyler." She remembered glimpses of his smile even as she said his name. "He's Adam's friend."

He nodded before moving onto what was going on with Adam. She notified him about the memory loss and how he didn't remember anything from that night. ", he doesn't remember anything? You told him off pretty good; I don't know how he couldn't," he chuckled. She death-glared him before giggling herself. It was quite an amazing stroke of luck. But on the bad side, she was going to have to talk it over with him once again, which she really dreaded. Hopefully she wouldn't blow her cool as badly as the last time.

Ring! Ring! The telephone intruded the siblings' conversation. She wasn't sure who it could've been since they didn't have caller ID, so she picked it up. "Hello? This is Rose speaking." For a couple seconds, she heard nothing. Although, faint background noises could be heard if you listened close.

Just as she was about to put the phone down, a rough voice spoke up. Static veiled the voice. "Meet me outside Mugg's Coffee Shop at 11 sharp. Come alone." The line went dead afterwards. Shrills ran up and down her spine. Who could that have been? She checked her phone to see if anyone had texted her. No one. Closing her eyes and shaking her head, she kept trying to convince herself it was just a prank. But with all the crazy events that had happened lately, it was hard to make herself believe that.

She plumped down onto the velvet sofa in hopes of calming herself. Rosemary reached for the remote with shaking hands and tried pressing buttons, but her fingers were to weak. She knew this mystery man would never leave her mind. After all, if he had contact of her home number already, he could track her down easily. Her mind wandered to all the possibilities of if she stood them up.

Seconds later, she had enough. She forced herself out the door and into their car. Glancing at the clock, it read, 10:20 pm. She had 40 minutes to get to the destination, but she knew she couldn't do this alone. For some reason, she didn't want Byron by her side tonight. He would've fought as soon as he knew what was going on, which was a destiny she needed him to avoid. Without knowing the caller, she couldn't say how strong he was-even for Byron to go against.

A sudden thought popped in her head. She dialed the number as fast as possible with her wimpy limbs. Fifteen minutes later, Tyler tapped at her car window. Rose's heart jumped. She became instantly relieved once she recognized him through the dark. A little giggle could be heard on the other side of the glass.

Rose stepped out and rushed into his car, him following close behind. "Mugg's coffee shop, on the double." She pointed to the street ahead of them, signaling for him to hurry. By now, it was already 10:40. A large gulp slipped down her throat.

"Rose, what's going on? You didn't tell me much over the phone!"

She thought over what to reveal to him before speaking. Although it had only been a few days, it seemed like she'd known him for months. Through the little time they'd been in each other's lives, she didn't know how he would act if he knew the truth of the situation. "Someone needs to meet me. I just don't feel safe going out alone at night." At least she told half the truth; she hadn't felt safe.

"And that's it? You got me to drive you at 11 o'clock to meet someone?"

Every day Tyler reminded her more and more of Byron. He always knew when something was up. She took a last look at the clock as they reached Mugg's with two minutes to spare. "I know this might sound crazy, but I promise I'll let you in on details later. Park the car where you can't see it."

Slamming the door shut, she squinted her eyes to peer through the darkness. Tyler did as she said and remained in the car. She glanced back at him with a worried face, causing his instincts to exit the vehicle. Her head shook in response. Tyler reentered the vehicle and kept watch over her.

She continued searching for the anonymous man, until she came upon a large figure with a black cloak. Their head was faced down so that you couldn't recognize them in any manner, although the darkness covered them as well. She took a wide view of all other places around the shop, but saw no one else. It's now or never. Taking a deep breath, she started heading towards him.

When she was only feet from him, his head bobbed up with a sinister smile. Cold blue eyes stared deep into her and caused her heart to shiver. "Hello, Rose." His grin deepened as he removed the hood. "You came."

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