At the Party

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Everybody was walking to where the party presumably was. We were walking through a tunnel with the walls made of glass, and these glowing fish were pointing us in the direction of the party.

"This is so cool!" Izzy said, smiling brightly. I have to admit, it kind of was cool. Alright, it was really cool! You don't go to a party at Atlantis with monsters everyday, after all. But I was still guilty about Drac, so I couldn't be as happy as my friends. They don't know about what's going on between Drac and I. They cannot know. Especially Macie. She'll be all up in my face if she knew and will keep asking me questions. Not only that, but she'll also squeeze the living daylights out of me!

"Y/N? Hello? I'm talking to you!"

Bridgette's voice snapped me out my thoughts.

"Huh?" I said, shaking my head. Bridgette rolled her eyes playfully. "I asked if you were alright. You were looking down at your feet." She pointed at my feet.

"Oh, I guess I was too into my head." I answered, shrugging. "You sure you're okay?" Avril asked, looking up at me concerned. I nodded. "Yeah, let's just keep moving." I replied, looking straight ahead. "Okay, Y/N." Avril said, walking a bit faster to keep up with the fast pace I was now walking at.

I wanted to leave, but I couldn't. Nope, not with friends like mine. I really wanted to just lie in bed and read my stories, including my fanfiction, but no. I couldn't because if I did my friends would get worried. They'd bombard me with questions until I'd crack and spill everything. They'd probably feel pity for me, which I don't want from them. I don't want any pity, and I don't need any pity. Rejecting Drac was my choice, a choice whose consequences I have to deal with, like guilt.

"But you could have tried to be with him." A voice in my head said.

"No. It wouldn't have worked. Different diets, he needs to sleep during the day, and I need to sleep during the night, he can't go out into the sunlight, I can go out into the sunlight, and he's a vampire, I'm a human. Vampires drink blood, so what if he suddenly attacked me one day?"

"No, he would've never done that to someone he loves. You've seen him, he's a very nice guy who just wants to be loved. He's given you nothing but kindness, but did you return the favor? No, you stabbed him in the heart, twisted the knife, and slowly pulled it out."

"Yeesh, I forgot how demented I can be."

"Hey, you just called yourself demented!"

"I know, that's why I said it."

"You do also realize that you're arguing with yourself, right?"

"Yep. We do this a lot, remember?"

"Oh, right. But still, you're an awful person that deserves no love from anyone or anything. See ya later!"

I was so lost in my thoughts I didn't notice that the monsters in front of us stopped. Macie grabbed me and pulled me back before I could bump into the monster in front of us. "Are we at the party?" I asked, wondering why we were stopped.

"No, I don't think so. I think something's going on up ahead." Macie said, trying to get a better look ahead. Bridgette, Avril, Izzy, and I copied her. Suddenly everybody ahead was running forward, and before we could react, the monsters behind us pushed us forward!

We were all caught off guard by that, but since the monsters were helping us go to the party, we let them push us the rest of the way. When we finally got to the party, we jumped out of the monsters way and quickly got back together.

Izzy giggled. "Let's dance!" She said before bursting into a cheerful dance. Bridgette and Avril smiled before joining, and Macie put her hand to her chin, "judging" their dancing. She then laughed before joining in. As they were dancing they looked tome expectantly. I smiled before joining them. "Yay, you're one of us now!" Avril said as I danced. I wasn't a great dancer, so I was doing some basic moves along with Avril, Bridgette, and Izzy.

Macie however, she could really dance. Before we could guess what she was going to do, Macie got down on the floor and started doing the worm! We cheered her on as she danced.

After some time of dancing, I decided that I wanted to be alone. I was probably going to talk to myself again about how terrible I acted towards Drac. "Hey guys, I'm gonna see if they have any drinks, kay?" I said, starting to leave regardless of their answers.

"Can you get me one too?" Izzy asked. "Sure!" I shouted over the music, turning my head sideways a little so she could here me. I then made my way through the crowd to the other side of, I guess. There wasn't any walls, just columns that marked the outline of the platform we were on. I made it to the other side of the room and I leaned up against a column, crossing my arms and tilting my head back.

I did enjoy the music, it was great. I preferred the noise, it made me feel better. So if I'm home alone, I like to turn on the TV or put on some music to take away the deafening silence.

"Why do I have to make things complicated?" I said aloud, not caring if anyone heard me or not. I was going to open my eyes when I felt a hand grab my arm and pull me! My eyes shot open. "What the..?!" I was dragged through the party until we were behind the DJ tower. I was shoved into a room in the tower.

"Why are y-Mmph!" I was cut off by a hand covering my mouth. I licked the hand and the person who was attached to the hand recoiled away in disgust.

"Ew! Did you seriously just do that? Gross!" That was Captain Ericka's voice!

"Captain Ericka?!?" I said in shock. It was very dark in this room, but there was enough light for me to make out her form. She nodded.

"And me, Abraham Van Helsing!" A raspy man's voice said. Wait, it was the same voice from before!

"Abraham Van Helsing?" I asked, not really believing that Abraham van Helsing was still alive. He was a famous monster hunter from, like, a century ago!

"Yes, it's me, Abraham Van Helsing! And my great-granddaughter, Ericka van Helsing!" He said. When I looked in the direction of Abraham's voice I saw nothing but a short, plump, man. But when I focused I could see...machinery? I mean, it makes sense for him to be alive if he replace most of his body with machines. But then his words registered in my mind.

"Wait, you're a Van Helsing? Does that mean you were both going to kill all the monsters on board?" I accused.

Before Ericka could answer, Abraham spoke up. "Of course we are! But we wanted to thank you for helping us with our plans."

"What? I would never help you kill monsters! They have feelings, just like us!" I explained, confused as to why Abraham thinks I helped him. He chuckles.

"Dear child, remember when you gave Ericka the "gift" for your father?" He asked me. I nodded, slowly trying to put the pieces together.

" wasn't a family heirloom. It's the key to destroying all monsters." Ericka explained. Her voice sounded sad. Why, why was she sad?

"Now, we're about to kill them all! But first, I need to make a grand entrance!" Abraham said, moving away and onto a platform. The platform acted like a chairlift for stairs and carried him up to the top.

"Come on, I need to make my entrance after him." Ericka said, dragging me up the stairs. Her tone was soft when she said that, as if she didn't want to at all. We reached the top and we could see the night sky. But we were hidden, we could see a bit of the crowd off to the side but I knew the monsters down below couldn't see us. I wanted to step out further, but I didn't in fear of seeing Drac among the crowd.

I could never predict what would happen next.

(The last bit of this chapter was hard to write, but I hope you like it!)

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