50. The ending you have to endure * Alternative ending

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So this is the alternative ending and the last official chapter!!!

Can you believe it we are finished! :( :) Don't know what to feel just lot's of love to you all <3

The beginning is similar to the official ending but stay with me!!!



And as I held her, I watched the sun set behind the city.

But the view wasn't enough, I wanted to see only her. The rest of the world didn't matter to me. I didn't want to think of a world where she didn't exist so I closed my eyes, blinking softly and when I opened them...


Clark's pov (point of view)


There she was walking down the isle in a jewel neckline dress and a long veil dragging behind her. She was radiant as she walked holding a bouquet of white roses and a big smile on her face.

I took her hand as she reached me beneath the flower arch and I smiled at her: "I love you."

But the smile fell off her face as she looked at me, but it didn't seem like she even saw me. "I wish we could have this. But we never will." Her voice was cold devoid of feeling and suddenly I noticed that her hands were cold like ice.

No feeling was left in her eyes as suddenly a drop of blood slid down her cheek. I wiped it off and started to feel worried: "What do you mean Fay? Are you alright."

"I'm dead Clark. I'm not really here. You have to let me go." She whispers back.

"What? No, I won't. What are you talking about? This is our wedding." I ask, almost frantic. Was she leaving me? Canceling the wedding?

"No Clark, it's my funeral." She says back and looks to where the quests are sitting in silence. And I notice the silence is bone-chilling, not a breath could be heard.

And as I turn to look my mother or Fay's family isn't on the seats, nor our co-workers or friends, just skeletons on the seats, in eternal sleep. "Where is everyone?" I ask.

"Gone, Clark. Just like me. You couldn't save me. How would you be able to save them?" She whispers silently.

"I... I..." I can't get a proper word out of my mouth and Fay let's go of my hand. I look at her, from head to toe and notice: "Fay, you're so clumsy, you already had a stain on the dress." I say, almost jokingly as I brush away the red stain on her dress, only to see it spread with my hand as I run it down her chest. The red stain grows between her collar bones and runs down as I notice a huge gash on her dress where the stain starts. "What is this?" I ask quickly as I press my hand to the gash only to pull it away red. "Blood? Why are you bleeding?"

"I was shot, Clark. Shot by those why came to claim you." She tells me still unmoving and cold as snow. There is no color on her face, and I feel drowsy as the world starts to grow blurry and slowly it is swallowed by darkness.


"Please Fay, please don't leave me." I sob as I brush away a strand of hair from her face and spread the blood to her face from my fingers. I'm putting pressure on the wound with my other hand as I hold her in my arms.

She blinks slowly and I feel like the world is slowing down just to give us a moment longer together. Her eyelashes brush her cheeks and she looks at me. "I have to go Clark." She whispers out and I feel another gush of blood seeping through my fingers and running down her chest.

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