After sleeping for at least another twelve hours, I was starting to feel better.  The flowers that Jinxx bought me were on the kitchen table in the vase that I had put them in.  Jinxx texted me before asking if I wanted to go somewhere with him today.  He didn't tell me where, but he told me that it would be a surprise.

I got dressed in a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a black tank top, and a dark blue jean jacket.  i went and straightened my hair and rimmed my eyes with some black eyeliner.  Jinxx said that he would be picking me up, so I sat on my couch and watched TV until he came.

My doorbell rang about ten minutes later, and I turned the TV off and got up and answered the door.  I saw Jinxx standing there in black skinny jeans, black combat boots, a black t shirt, and a black leather jacket.  He smiled at me when I answered the door, "Hey there." He came in and gave me a hug.

"Hey," I said, hugging him back, "So do I get to know where we're going yet?"

He smirked at me then, ""

I shook my head at him and laughed, "You suck."

He just grinned at me and put an arm around my shoulders and left.  We got in his car and drove for about twenty minutes.

"Cmon, just give me a hint," I begged him.

He looked over at me and grinned, "No."

I pouted then and he laughed.  After another minute though, he pulled up at a parking lot in front of the woods.  I know he could tell I was confused, but he smiled and then we both got out of his car.

"You wanted to show me the woods?" I asked him, confused.

He grinned, "Well yes, but it's in the woods.

We started walking through the woods then along a little path.

"I'm surprised you don't hang out with many people." Jinxx looked over at me.

I blushed a little, "I dunno..I'm socially awkward I guess."

He smiled softly, "You don't seem awkward around me at all."

I looked over at him and smiled, "That's because you make me feel comfortable."

Jinxx smiled big then and he led me deeper into the woods.  I felt like we've been walking forever, but in reality, it's only been like, ten minutes.  Jinxx grabbed my hand then and led me down a little hill.  I slipped a little, falling into his arms and knocking him down.  I fell on top of him, and I looked down at him and laughed, "Oh gosh, sorry!"

He looked up at me and laughed as well, "No problem, sweetie."

I got off of him then and helped him up a little, "Oh God," I said, seeing his jacket all full of dirt, "you're jacket is all dirty!"

He smiled and  took it off and tried brushing some of the dirt off, "No big deal."

He led me down a little more, and eventually we came across a little waterfall, and a little lake.  The water looked really clean, and it looked perfect for swimming.

"Wow," I said, "this place is really pretty."

 He smiled, "I figured you'd like it here."

We found a little log then and we both sat down.  It was really peaceful around here, so I can see why Jinxx likes it here.

"Wanna carve our names in this log?" He asked me out of nowhere.

I smiled at him and responded playfully, "Yeah, this can be our friendship log."

Jinxx laughed a little at that and then pulled out a pocket knife from his pocket and carved our names into the wood.  I smiled over at him and nudged his hip with my own, "Our friendship log."

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