49. The ending you deserve

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This chapter is continuous from the last one!


Fay pov (point of view)


As we were dancing our first dance at the wedding I couldn't stop looking at Clark. He was beautiful in his tuxedo and he looked so happy. He smiled with his teeth showing, not fighting back the adorable smile I was used to seeing at home. The one no one saw at work or at business events. This smile was reserved just for me.

I couldn't help but think back to that beautiful night a month ago. We didn't speak of it afterwards, we didn't dare mention it, afraid that death had forgotten to claim me. I felt that if I peeped out a single word of it, death would rip me away from this world and drag me to it's eternal sleep.

The second sunset was supposed to take me away, to lull me into forever sleep, but it didn't. Death never came to take me away. And so we had waited in our special place, for me to perish for me to perish for four sunsets and four sunrises. But to no avail, the horrid event we had prepared for, that we had lost all hope of evading somehow... Didn't arrive.

I was left alive and breathing, somehow hidden from death that was meant to happen. And so together we walked to the city, hand in hand, praying in our heads in total silence. Somehow I imagined that with one wrong step, action or word my fate would somehow click into place and I would die as was intended on that night when sunset with golden color, gleaming on the city buildings.

And we ate in silence, in the closest restaurant in the city, and we went home to our apartment and still, we hadn't said a word. I didn't dare sleep after we left our special place, afraid that my demise would come and I would never wake up, but when my body finally gave up and I fell asleep in Clark's arms I woke up on the same spot with him looking lovingly down at me. And I said my first words: "Good morning."

Slowly we allowed ourselves to calm down, despite being afraid and stressed. We never spoke of what was supposed to happen but we could feel a shadow slowly leaving from our minds as we grew easier as time passed.

It was like a silent agreement, to start living life to the fullest again. Now we didn't know when either of us would leave the world. We didn't have an expiration date. And we decided to make every second count. Thus a wedding on the beach as we proclaimed our love to our loved ones.

We still didn't understand why I was spared, but we didn't need to. We were given a gift by death and now... We weren't going to waste it.

"I love you." I whisper as I press my lips to Clark's cheek.

"I love you too." He mumbles back as he closes his eyes as I lean into him as the second song, and a slow dance comes on.

But one thing was still left unfinished, and as a low voice cleared their throat and I felt a tap on my shoulder, I was reminded of that fact. "May I have this dance?"

"Of course." I smile and turn away from Clark, who goes dancing with his mom. And suddenly, I'm dancing with Bruce, reminded of all we have been through with Clark to get here. "I'm sorry it didn't work out." I smile sadly as we dance.

He nods: "Me too. But now I know you are with the right man, the one that makes you happy. Even if it kills me that I am not that man." He says back.

"Thank you Bruce. For everything." I say.

He once again just nods, eyes cast to mine as he gives me a small sad smile.

"Someday you will find love too." I promise.

"If so, I won't cast it away this time. I won't make the same mistake I made with you." He smiled, more openly now, like he actually means it.

"Well, I see you've hired Alexandra." I subtly enter to the conversation as I notice the woman from the corner of my eye. Alexandra is beautiful, she has big brown glasses and blue/grey-ish eyes made more noticeable by the smoky eye makeup she always does. She has long dark brown hair and a long neck with collarbones that are always visible. She's tall and slim with petite curves.

"Huh?" He questions and I nod towards Alexandra who stands by a tree holding a glass of champagne. "Oh yes, miss William. She has worked for the Wayne industries for a few months now, good business woman. Could be even better with the right mentor. How do you know her?"

"A childhood friend. My best friend before Oliver disappeared and I left. We went to the same school but she's a little older than me so we never went to the same classes. Still spent lunch with her every chance I could." I smile. "You have a lot in common. She lost her parents too when she was younger."

"And was she all alone after that?" Bruce asks with a sad echo in his voice.

"She and her two younger brothers lived with their grandmother Hanna for a while before Hanna died. She was a nice old lady. After that Alexandra dropped out of high school and raised her brothers while taking online classes. She's slowly making a name for herself." I smile and I can almost see how Bruce's brain is working as he classifies her as interesting.

"And the brothers?" He questions.

"Caleb and Peter. They're doing fine in college." I tell him. "I think they got scholarships or something."

He just nods. "She sounds wonderful."

"She is." And as the dance ends I slowly move over to Clark once more and watch smiling as Bruce casually walks over to Alexandra. They will be good for each other. That much I can already tell as I see Alexandra blush at something Bruce says and adjust her glasses cutely.

"You made a match?" Clark chuckles.

"A good one at that." I grin.

"I love you." He repeats.

"I love you too."


So. Were done with this ending. Yayyyyy. You got the happy one everyone was asking for.

So Alexandra is an oc created for me as a collab of sorts by user: AlinaNB it was cool using your character too bad we couldn't delve deeper with her story or how it continues. But I slid her into the story nicely right <3

Lots of love I can't believe we only have one chapter to go!

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