48. For the rest of our lives

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And as I held her, I watched the sun set behind the city.

But the view wasn't enough, I wanted to see only her. The rest of the world didn't matter to me. I didn't want to think of a world where she didn't exist so I closed my eyes, blinking softly and when I opened them...


There she was. Her hair loose with little curls in them. Face almost devote of makeup. She was just herself, so natural so pure. She was holding a bouquet of white lilies that she handed over to a little girl on her way.

She walked like an angel on clouds, so soft and gentle that you could call it gliding. She was wearing a simple white that had small straps and had a slit in the middle. Simple.

We only had twenty guests, closest family and friends. No reporters, no photographers, no plus one's. This was our wedding and we both finally got just what we wanted. Just us together and our families watching us make a promise we had made so many times before, but now it was special. Now I knew this meant forever...

As she walked closer to me the whole world froze I couldn't hear anything, or see anyone it was just us in the world, and I didn't need anything else. She stepped under the flower arch and took my hand. She just smiled, looked at me and stood there. It felt like forever as the marriage officiant spoke, but I didn't mind, for the first time in forever we weren't in a hurry. I wasn't scared waiting for the inevitable, or trying to come up with ways to stop it from happening. I just held her hand knowing that she was here now, and that she wasn't leaving.

And then her lips parted away from the smile as she spoke directly to me. The words weren't said for the people present, nor so that the world would know of her love for me. She spoke just because she wanted to, because she loved me.

"I loved you early on, even before I acknowledged it. I haven't loved anyone before, it's always just been you. And when I thought we wouldn't have more time together I felt like my heart was crushed and I finally understand why. I've given half of it to you and you've given half of yours to me. And that's why we are always better together. Today I want to marry you and bring our families together, but in my soul we have been married a long time already. After today we won't be apart, and nothing in the world makes me happier." Her voice was soft and gentle, like a nice cool summer breeze on a hot day.

"If you asked me to I would give the world to you and if you so wish I will rearrange the stars on the sky to spell your name. But I have been yours from the start, long ago before you knew. You are my sun, I revolve around you, for you bring warmth and light into my life. I wouldn't have it any other way. My love for you is eternal, we've proven that. I will always stay by your side and pick you up when you fall, which you do a lot." I smiled at her chuckle. "And I will be strong for you when you are weak, because I know you will do the same for me. When I'm drowning and loosing myself, you are always the one to drive deep, and bring me to the surface. Today I want to marry you and promise I will never leave your side."

"You may exchange the rings."

"With this ring I claim you as my own for eternity with the promise I will be yours forever." I whisper as I glide a ring onto Fay's finger.

"With this ring I claim you as my husband for eternity with the promise I will be your wife forever." She says in turn, and puts a ring onto my finger.

"You may kiss the bride!"

Our wedding was as perfect as the first time, even when it started raining the second we had our first kiss as a true married couple. People started darting away from the beach and towards the lake-house.

I held Fay's hand as we tried to follow. She was laughing as her hair got wet and her dress soaked, I took off my suit jacket and held it over her head. However I was quick to drop it to the ground and leave it behind when I noticed her heels sink into the sand. I hauled her up into my arms, smiling as she giggled adorably and I walked her over to the lake-house porch where we sat for a while as the sudden burst of rain cleared out and the clouds moved away revealing the sun once more. Fay threw her damp hair into a quick bun and I was glad we had placed a tarp over the tables and chairs as we led our guests over to our outside wedding reception.

We had fairy lights on trees and hanging above the tables. We had traditional place settings and big centerpieces. The rain had been so sudden and so mind the grass hadn't turned soggy, just had a little droplets of water on them like morning dew.

My mother and Fay's brother Oliver spoke at the wedding and I was finally given the long awaited blessing by him.

Everything was perfect, even when Fay fell down and got grass stains on her dress. Super husband to the rescue, I had packed her a spare dress for the reception. It was not as luscious, only reached her knees and was shaped like a pencil skirt, with see-through mesh sleeves, nice lace detailing and a high neck with pearls sewn on the sides of the fabric.

She looked marvelous.

She looked marvelous

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So the girl 'acting' or 'playing' as Fay is called Bridget Satterlee and she's a model. Yes I actually found pictures of her from a catalog in a wedding dress I was so happy I could have the actual person playing as Fay on the photo with the wedding dress on.

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