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Armed with a pair of long legs and a head of luscious copper hair, movie star Zelda Roberts has only two goals this year.

1) win the award for Best Actress, and
2) prove to everyone that's ever known her that even a workaholic such as herself can find eternal bliss.

In her case, eternal bliss has come in the package of Jonathan Marks, famed movie director and sizzling heartthrob. So all that remains to do is prove herself as the actress of the year. Which is why she's travelling to the mysterious and dangerous island of Heiko to film her next big hit.

There's only one teeny, tiny problem. Her co-star is non-other than Josh Matthews... her ex-fiancé. And he's got a new leading lady hanging off his bulging bicep: her #1 rival Noella Summers.

Zelda knows she needs this role to defeat the likes of Noella. She couldn't stand to lose to her two years in a row. But can her heart withstand the task of working alongside her first love? And can her new love survive the long distance?

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