Part 28

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Still Cayden's POV

Four doctors ran inside with a heart starter. "CLEAR!" a doctor yelled then tried starting her heart. I watched as her chest rise along with her body, I just froze I wanted to do everything to save her but I couldn't move. The doctors try that for four times then her heart starts again. "Thank god..." I mumble, I sit down on the chair next to her. 

"Don't you ever scare me like that again." I say as I kiss her hand. Alex sits down next to me and sighs, but doesn't say anything. I look over at Baxter he whined and tried getting out of his cage. I walk over to him. I take him out of his cage and take him up to see Sky. He tries getting out of my hold to lick her. He whines as I sits down and he can't reach her.

I pet him while watching over Sky. I was terrified that she was going to die. The worst thing is that I couldn't do anything about it. I just  want the best for her, I can't let her die like that.


Everything was dark, I try opening my eyes but they won't budge. I was trapped inside of the darkness, I couldn't move a thing. What happened? All I can remember is that I was driving and... I was in a car crash. I have to wake up, I have to train the members tomorrow.

I force my eyes open, but immediately close them because of the bright light. I adjust to the light and fully open my eyes. I look around the room, I was in the hospital. I look to my right to see Cayden smiling at me weird. 

"Hey beautiful." He said, I looked at him weird and said. "Who are  you?" His face fell and he looked like a lost puppy. "You don't remember me?" He asks pouting, I just shake my head. His face was so adorable, I don't think I can hold my act so much longer. I feel something lick me and I turn to see my adorable baby Baxter. "Hewwo little baxi!" I say in a baby voice. 

"You remember your dog, but not me?" He looked so sad it was so cute, but I ain't his girlfriend anymore so... "Sorry but I don't know who you are." He looks so sad I just want to hug the life out of him. I can't hold me anymore, I hug him tight. He seemed shocked but hugged me back. "Never scare e like that ever again princess." He says pulling me tighter. I then suddenly remember I can't be with him.

I pull away from him. "You need to leave. This isn't right, leave now." I said, but he wouldn't budge. I pushed him away but he still wouldn't move.

"Cayden I need you to leave. I don't want to lose you." He looked at me weird. "And you think that I want to lose you!? Princess I knew you were mine since the day we met! I felt so bad for hitting you that's why I let you win." Aww.... Snap out of it!

"Cayden I love you, but I can't do this towards you. I love you too much to set your life on the line. I'm sorry but I can't deal with you getting hurt that's why I have to lose all connections with you." K waited for his respons but it never came.

Cayden fell to the ground. " Cayden!? Cayden what's wrong?!" He looked at me and whispered. "My back." I flip him over and a tear slides. He had a knife in his back and I have no idea how it got there.

I run outside of my room. I got the first doctor I saw and pulled him into the room. "You have to help him." I say and direct him to Cayden. "Oh my... What happened?" "What do you think he got stabbed now help him!" He called more doctors and they pulled him away.

Cayden needed to have an operation. 
I walk around room waiting to know what the fuck his situation is. I took Baxter and started petting him he always calms me down. " Hey boy! How you been?" I ask him knowing he won't answer.

After a few hours a doctor comes into my room. "Good news! Cayden is going to be fine. It will take a while for him to heal though." I continue to pet Baxter. "Can I see him?" I ask looking at him. He nods, I take Baxter with me.

We get to Cayden's room, I open the door and I almost fall to the ground. He had oxygen thingy you put in your nose. (Okay does anyone know the name for it?) He had a heart monitor who beeped.  It was clear that knife must have hurt him.

I sit down on a chair next to him. I look at the doctor. "When will he wake up?" "In a couple hours or so." He walked out of the room. I start crying, I hate crying but now I can't stop it.

I am certain this was Marco who did this. He shall be dead by the next month. I am going to kill every9ne he loves in front of him and it is going to be painful.
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