Chapter 4-A Promise

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-1 Moon Later After Chapter 1 & 2-

The morning light shone through the nursery entrance into Sagekit's eye. She arose and extended her limbs, yawning while doing so. Today was another day to learn the skills of a Mender. They had difficulty and frustration with memorizing things, but they were just young. It has been fun learning with Sunkit. She saw that her mother Rockheart was still sleeping. I love my mother, but alas, she lied to me. She deserves to not be loved for a while. Our relationship is still cold, but it shall eventually recover. Time to be off the Healing Den! I do wonder why Sunkit has been more noticeably nice to others and me, but she's probably just thrilled about her future.

When she arrived, Sunkit has a somber look on her face, and Birchleaf was stiff serious. "Come in, Sagekit," Birchleaf ordered, "We have something that we must discuss." Sagekit went in and sat beside Sunkit.

"This is something that I have waited to tell you for a moon now., Sagekit. I already have told Sunkit. You are now both 4 moons old, so you should be old enough to understand this. I can only have one Learner, not both of you. As you are older Sagekit, I have chosen you. I am sorry, but this is how it must be. All kits learn this sooner or later. Now I'm off to get rid of this mushyack that is in my throat. You two can talk about this while I am gone." Birchleaf went out of the den, her throat twitching irritating for her.

Sunkit let out a sigh of disappointment. " I know that we both want to do this, but only one of us can be the Learner to the Mender. It just isn't fair! I won't be able to contribute to the clan as a warrior as well as a I could here!"

"Don't be such a stub about it! You'll make  great warrior with the right mindset, and you have that," Sagekit countered. "In fact, knowing how to heal as a warrior will make you double as useful! You will be able to help the clan even more than a normal warrior. So it's not all that bad!"

The look at Sunkit's face suddenly lightened up. "Hey, that's not so bad! You can both do what we want but in different ways! Thanks Sagekit!" She purred In thanks, and Sagekit returned the favor.

The entrance rumbled and Birchleaf came back in . "Good you too. I heard that last bit as I came near. It looks like we are all happy now. Including me now that that irritating mushyach is gone. Now that has been enough for today. Take a break from learning and go play." The two she-kits ran off as Birchleaf set to work. 

After a bit of playing hide and seek, the took a rest and sunned in the warm air. "Sagekit," Sunkit began as they starting sunning, "I hate to say this now, but I would have had to say it eventually. I saw your fight with your parents a moon ago. It was really terrible that they lied to you, but they just wanted to protect you."

Sagekit clenched her teeth audibly. "I know, I know, but I am still a little bit angry at them. But I promise you that I'll mend my relations with them once I become a Learner. It's only fair that I come undone at the time they said they would have told me."

" You promise me for sure?" asked Sunkit.

"Yes I promise Sunkit. But there is another thing that I want to talk about. It's about how the clan treats us differently. We are both smart kits, so I know that you have noticed it too. You can speak first."

Sunkit thought for a moment before speaking. "The clan does discriminate against those who do less work. But it's really not that bad otherwise. Things go normally. Sure a few cats may not get less food and worse nests but you just have to work hard for it. The elders may die sooner but that's just the ways it is. Few cats ever don't get to have kits. It's not really that bad."

"But it is," Sagekit fought back, "It isn't fair to those of us who are considered lesser! It may all be very subtle and someways and hidden in secrecy, but how this clan operates is very clear to the keen observer. It shouldn't be this way! Everything should be fair like in the other clans! And yet there is no way to undo it! And running elsewhere is not an option. Killing the entire clan would be futile and wrong."

"Yes, but as a medicine cat, you won't be as discriminated for your deformed paw," Sunkit said. "That's another good reason why Birchleaf chose you. It's perfect for you! Just be nice to everyone like be and do your work, and no one will bother you!"

"I know, but I just don't quite feel that this how is how our clan should be! It is evil no matter how subtle it is! To wrongfully deprive fellow cats of their rights is not right, and thus it is wrong, also known as evil," Sagekit wailed, "And it makes those think that the wrong is right evil!There has to be a solution to this mess of our clan. We can work it out together, can't we?" 

"Yes we shall, sister. We will fix this clan one way or another together. We will do it together." Sunkit promised.

Yes, one way or another we shall, thought Sagekit. We can do this! Honeypelt, Goldenheart, Stonestar, Sandclaw, Badgerkit, and all of those others will soon realize how wrong they are, and the clan shall be fixed! It will someday be finallly fair! Those like me, my parents, Birchleaf, and Sunkit will win over them. Someday, someday, we will rule the clans as the most fair! The stealthy Blazeclan, the clever  Marshclan, the quick Brookclan, and the aggressive Lakeclan shall  bow to the fair Vallyeyclan! From weak to strong we challenge go!

The two sunbathed for a while as the afternoon faded away, feeling closer than ever before, both determined to fulfill their lives new mission.

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