Chapter 85

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I stared down at the severed head of Viktor on the cobblestones in front of me, barely daring to take a breath; we had won. Slowly, I reached down and fisted the hair of Viktor and lifted the head, bringing it high over my head, turning to face the brothers and Sebastian. A mighty beastial roar escaped me, as I held it up for them all to see. We were free. Viktor was dead. We had won. I had done what I had sworn to myself to do; I had freed the brothers from him forever. I dropped my hand to my side, still holding Viktor's head there, as both it and my rapier dripped blood down on the cobblestones. Slowly my blood red eyes found theirs; lingering for a long moment on each pair. An evil grin spread across my face, as I unfurled the black magical wings on my back; bringing about the image of the 'Angel of Death.' I heard their almost silent intake of breath; each gaining the full impact of what I had just done. They were free. WE were free.

Four snarls of victory sounded from them, as the brothers and Sebastian rushed forward, to start tearing apart Viktor's body; we had to burn him or he could live, but the head belonged to the Osborns. I turned to watch them, barely moving, as the sunset lit up the night sky. "I think this calls for another celebration, don't you?" I asked them. I heard laughter of joy, like I had never heard from them before; they all stopped their work to come over and surround me. Nicolae retrieved the box, that I had prepared ahead of time for Viktor's head. I placed the head inside and he shut the lid, setting it down on one of the benches there. He returned and then I was surrounded on all sides by the brothers and Sebastian, all embracing for a quiet moment, in the aftermath of what we had just done. And then there were tears of joy, laughter of disbelief, sobs of relief, hugs of reassurance, and kisses of love. We had done it.

I held each of them to me, breathing them in, soaking in their touch. Holding their beautiful faces with my trembling hands. Nicolae pulled me into his arms, when I broke down crying, overwhelmed with all that had just happened. He stroked my hair, bringing me comfort through his gentle caress; a loving caress that I would have with me for the rest of eternity. An eternity that now had the prospect of being heaven on earth, surrounded by them, loving them, belonging to them for forever. I leaned into Nicolae, allowing him to comfort me until I had cried my fill, and then I just rested up against him. He bent down and kissed my forehead and then sucked in a breath of surprise and stepped back from me, looking down at my stomach. A hug grin broke out on our faces and our eyes met, a small laugh escaping me through my smile. "Mind-readers!" Sebastian growled like a curse.

Slowly, Nicolae stepped back up to me and and gently put his hand over the growing bump on my abdomen. His eyes got a far away look and then another huge smile broke out on his face and he laughed in joy. "Dammit, what is going on with my kid that I need to know about!" Drogo demanded. I smiled at him, as Nicolae reached out and captured his brother's hand, bringing it to where his had been on me. Drogo looked confused for only a second and then his eyes shot up to meet mine; a funny smirk of pure pride and joy coming to his face. I smirked at him and he bent down to kiss me passionately. It was his turn to drag his brother over, placing Peter's hand where his had been and Peter's turn to look confused for a moment. Until he felt it; the tiniest little nudge. His eyes met mine and he too got a huge smile on his face, looking back down in wonder at what he could feel. "C'mere, Sebby," I said. I knew that he would want to feel, being fascinated with all things vampire pregnancy these days.

I took his hand and put it right over where the baby inside of me was practically dancing. His eyes got wide and he looked at me, a goofy grin coming to his face. I heard him taking mental notes in his mind at how far along we guessed me to be and comparing it this way and that with human pregnancy and timelines, etc. I shook my head in pure enjoyment of him, as little kicks danced along the length of his palm resting on me. Finally I moved to go pick up the box. I had a delivery to make. I turned to the brothers, saying, "How about we celebrate with a massive bonfire out in the woods, burning that?" I nodded toward Viktor's shredded body laying on the cobblestones. "Invite all the wolves and I'll make sure to extend an invitation to all the witches, when I deliver our promised prize, hopefully cementing our good relations with them. I'll be back soon." I leaned over and kissed each one of them, planting my kiss for Sebby affectionately on his cheek.

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