timothee gives you chlamydia

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timothee had been avoiding you for days. at first you thought nothing of it as he loved nothing better than being a brooding byronic cunt, but as the fourth day of no timmy time passed, you began to worry. 

it was friday morning when you first noticed the unusual discharge during your morning urination. before you had time to ponder on the slimy green goop in your undies, your mother called you for breakfast, and by the time you were leaving the house, it had slipped your mind completely.

as you approached the school, you saw timothee scratching his nit-infested hair at the school gates.

'TIMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY' you screamed. he looked up at you and sharply turned away.

you tried to catch up to him but he was swallowed into a crowd of teens walking through the gates. at this point the only thing on your mind was the thought that timothee is going to spread lice to those kids.

later on that day, you saw timothee at his locker. he didn't notice you as you approached him.

'what the fook is going on tim' you asked quietly.

timothee began to speak angrily as he ripped off his locker door and threw it down the hall.


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