Chapter 7 ( pt. 2)

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This is the guys when they are at home. Also, I forgot to mention that they are on vacation so yeah... ENJOY!!!!

Woojin pov.

After a long day of working( aka binge watching) we all went back to the dorm. I was texting (y/n) and she sent me the photo of the dress she was modeling." Wow. Your sister looks hot." I heard Seungmin say. Soon all the members were looking at the photo after Changbin snatched it away from me. 'I seriously need to protect here from these wild animals.' I thought as we made our way to the dorm


"When will your father be back from his trip? I really don't want her to leave." Hyunin said as we were watching our SK-TALKER videos. "It's time to tell you the truth." I said . They all turned their heads to face me." So," I began. "My father abandoned my sister to go find my mom.My mom left and divorced my father because of his affairs as you know, but we got word that she was getting engaged. My father went out to stop the engagement , which was successful, but when my mother asked about (y/n) he lied to her and told her she was dead. After that they both kind of disappeared.When my sister found out about, she tried to kill herself. My aunt told me that she needed a place were there were people who are there to remind her she is loved. I agreed to it and (y/n) will be stay with us . If you guys don't want her here that's fine. I will have to send her to America so that she can stay with my aunt.  It's only until,she graduates." They all looked at me. "Wow. You guys have been through so much." Felix said. "She can stay as long as she wants, but why you?"" Because I'm the only other family member she's got right now. The rest of the day we waved videos and being lazy, but it was kinda awkward. 

(Y/N) pov.

I arrived home and as soon as I came in the guys were all looking at me. I had a jacket on so good thing they didn't see what I wa swearing."Um.... I'm just gonna go to bed. Night!!! " I went to the room and went straight to bed.

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Also, be sure to check out Astro's new song 'All Night'. Seriously I stayed up till five in the morning to watch this MV/.Another thing is that please go and give some love to Bighit's new boy group TXT. They have announced three members already and there are two more members they need to announce still. Thank you for reading. Bye~

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