90| Shooting Star

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It was a twisted lie,
When the world was asleep
And you woke me up again
Just to whisper deep,
In my heart a sugar coated sweet
Lie, All in one breath,
How you always thought
That the stars aren't what we weep for,
And being dead isn't a free tour,
To the sky and the space,
It's all a disgrace,
Some fetish for some love,
Calling death all above,

And I said maybe they do,
Maybe they turn into stars,
Looking on to us,
Reflecting who they are,
Maybe they watch us all night,
Through the attic windows, and the closed doors,
Maybe they hear our silent breaths, as ferocious uproars,
Maybe we wake them up,
By our dreams being too high,
Maybe they are the ones that drag us,
Down from the sky,
Maybe they are assigned one to each,
Being by your side, out of reach,

And you looked so lost,
Like I was a puzzle in your arms,
And when I blinked,
You shook in alarm,
And you ran outside in the old backyard,
Calling my name above,
As if I was miles afar,
And I teared up slowly fading into smoke,
And you kept looking above,
As tears stained your face and you looked to the ground,
I twinkled so intense, do you see me now?
You didn't,
Leaving starry scars,
And that night the world saw,
A shooting star.

And you looked so lost,Like I was a puzzle in your arms,And when I blinked,You shook in alarm,And you ran outside in the old backyard,Calling my name above,As if I was miles afar,And I teared up slowly fading into smoke,And you kept looking above,...

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I know this isn't good but... I'm tired.

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