Chapter II

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As Justin and Shawn waited in line to check out. Justin sighed and leaned against a magazine wall as Shawn was playing a game on his phone. 'It's not usually this busy,' Justin thought as he looked around aimlessly. Justin was thinking about his comeback album that his manager kept pushing over his head. He wanted to take a break from music due to being in the industry so long. It was tiring and he had enough royalties that he could relax for awhile.

Justin was pulled out of his thoughts when Shawn poked his shoulder. Justin looked slightly at his brother, "Hm?"

"Look at this guitar, dude. Isn't it sick?" Shawn was holding a magazine that was filled with guitars from various legend celebrities from Elvis Presley to Jimmy Hendrix. Justin chuckled at how lit up Shawn's eyes were at the guitars.

"It is pretty fuckin' sick man." Justin replied, pinching Shawn's cheek again. Causing some girls in front of them to start giggling. Shawn backed up and looked at Justin in an annoyed manner. "You're doing it again." He mumbled, while blushing. Justin snickered. "I can't help it. You're so cute." He said as he grabbed both of Shawn's cheeks this time, pinching them making the girls coo and giggle.

Shawn was in disbelief in how Justin was humiliating him like this. Shawn was confused, he didn't understand why he was being so sensitive about it but Justin messing with him so much recently was beginning to piss him off. Justin finally stopped and smirked at Shawn as Shawn put his hood up, causing his hair to cover his eyes slightly.

People around them started teasing Shawn a little bit after the minor display that was shown off. Shawn simply looked down at his feet with his arms in his pockets. Justin shoo'd off some of the nosey people and started to place the items on the check out conveyer belt. Justin took notice of Shawn's expressions.

As Justin loaded the conveyer belt, he asked Shawn a question. "Did you want to show me more guitars?" Shawn simply shook his head no. Justin kept on at Shawn with more questions.
"You sure?" Shawn nodded, avoiding eye contact with his brother. After Justin finished putting all the products up, he grabbed the guitar magazine and placed it up there as well without Shawn noticing.

Shawn was having a bit of anger within himself, partial from embarrassment and the other being him being upset about his current predicament. He missed his mom, dad and Aaliyah. It wasn't fair and he didn't understand why it had to happen. A few tears came loose from his eyes and began to sniffle lightly.

Justin heard some sniffling and patted his brother's shoulder, "You okay?" He asked, lifting his chin and looking into his eyes that were over flowing with tears. Shawn shook his head no and tore loose from Justin, running off into the nearest bathroom. 'Fuck.'

Justin thought as he ran off after his brother, leaving all of the items on the conveyer belt. Shawn was sitting inside of the unisex bathroom, silently crying and letting out hefty breaths. He was shaking and holding his knees. Justin opened the door to his brother and locked it as he stepped inside. "What's up, bro? Why are you being a baby?" Justin asked insensitive.

Shawn glared at him with tears in his eyes as more streamed down. "Can you go away? You're always making fun of me and you don't even like me so why do you care?" Shawn asked in an elevated voice. Justin didn't care to be yelled at, especially not by his younger brother.

Justin for the umpteenth time today rose his brow and leaned against the wall,
"and who said I didn't like you?"
"You show it often enough." Shawn mumbled, hugging his knees to his chest.
"I never said I didn't like you, but right now you're getting on my nerves with this bratty attitude of yours so I suggest that you keep it in check before I do something about it," Justin warned. An anger bubble filled Shawn's stomach as he exploded.
"You always do this! You know, I never asked for my parents to die, or for you to take care of me! You pick on me all the time and whenever I show the slightest bit of reaction you take it as disrespect. Why do you have to be such a jerk?" Shawn was hot in anger at the very moment, tears of frustration were streaming down his face as he quickly wiped them as they came along.
"I suggest you lower your voice." Justin threatened, Justin knew Shawn had a point but was too stubborn to acknowledge it. Shawn snapped upon hearing Justin's words, 'was he even listening to me? does he even care!?'
"I suggest you fuck off!"

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