An Avengers Christmas Part 2

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Alright this was written entirely by Crazy_cat_person_E . I think she did an amazing job. This is 100% her writing, So let's all give her a round of applause. *Cheers like a complete doofus*

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Here ya go...

Peter's eyes shoot open as he gives a wide smile. He gets up and sprints to the door.

"I see you..." He says, dead serious and eyes the door. Giggling, Peter runs to the living room. A big tree was lit up by countless lights. The light reflected off the decorations that weighed the branches down.

Peter gasps as he spots the multiple old decorations that he's made and collected over the years. A frown then takes over the childlike smile that stretched across his face.

"Why were they so unfair to Loki yesterday? Everyone deserves a second chance..." Huffing in annoyance, he stomps (Quietly so he doesn't wake the others) to his room and drags all his gifts to the others under the tree.

"I don't have one for Loki!"

Peter gasps and checks the time only to see that he woke up at 4:00 AM. "That's early even for me" He
thinks to himself. Peter rushes to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

"Well we're probably going to eat a family breakfast when the others wake up, so cereal should be fine."

Taking a bowl, milk, and cereal out Peter prepares a quick meal, humming along to Christmas songs. "FRIDAY, play my Christmas playlist."

Dancing along ridiculously, Peter eats his breakfast. When he's done he gets his jacket and goes to the elevator. "FRIDAY, stop playing my music."

"Should I play boss's music then?"

"Please don't. And was that sass that I heard?"

"Maybe..." Peter chuckles. The music has stopped and Peter puts in his earbuds, listening to more Christmas songs. Leaving the elevator and humming softly, Peter grabs his jacket and struggles for a moment before putting it on. Going back to the elevator, he taps his foot to the rhythm of the music.

The elevator stops and after stepping out Peter makes his way to the glass doors before pushing it open. The cold air hits his face, making him want to go back inside and sleep. Shrugging it off, he walks along the streets looking for somewhere to buy a gift.

What should I get Loki...

Different ideas are running through his mind like Reindeer. The cold air was beginning to sting Peter's skin, and he buries his face in his jacket. After a while of aimlessly walking around, Peter smiles and walks into a store.

~~Time Skip to after Pete has bought the present: brought to you by a lazy author who like surprises~~

Shivering as the cold air hits his face, Peter walks quickly back to the tower. He pushes the doors open and walks to the elevator, singing along to the songs that are still chiming in his ears. He hurries to his room and places Loki's gift in a green box before tying a gold silk ribbon around it. Smiling proudly, Peter rushes to put the gift under the tree.

I don't understand what's so bad about Loki. Everyone has done bad things, but that doesn't make them a bad person. Peter thinks to himself. I mean, Tony wasn't always a good person. He led a weapons manufacturing company for Odin's sake. Natasha and Clint don't have anything to say either. None of us do!

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