"BAKA!" (Y/n) screamed, pounding her fist on his chest. Hiro thought that he was being hit by feathers.

Suddenly, Hiro grabbed her wrists and pulled them away because it was near her face. He leaned forward and captured her lips in his.

(Y/n), frozen at the sudden action, only stared at him with wide eyes.

He continued to kiss her softly and pulled away, taking in her silence.

She was speechless.

He chuckled at that and picked her up, moving to the bed and making her sit on his lap.

She looked away with a pink face, biting on her finger softly. "You little idiot.." She muttered.

Hiro didn't take that as an offence and took his hand to her cheek. He made her face him with a smile.

She looked so adorable! This is why he can't resist on kissing her all day.

(Y/n) dropped her hand and looked at him, already knowing that he was going to kiss her. She liked his kisses to be honest.

As expected, he leaned in. Hiro titled his head while glancing from her lips to her eyes.

God, his eyes always drive her crazy. The light hazel eyes she stares at almost everyday, the pink kissable lips that she always feels, and his shaggy soft black hair that her hands play with.

(Y/n) had enough waiting and closed the gap between them, much to Hiro's delight.

The kiss was sweet and slow. As much as Hiro kisses her, he was still an innocent potato.


It lasted for a while and (Y/n) pulled away.

"What are you doing here?" She breathed, staring at his eyes that was looking at her lovingly.

"Why? Can't I visit my adorable girlfriend?" Hiro grinned, pecking her nose.

"I was just asking you idiot." (Y/n) huffed, the red filling her cheeks.

"Heh, I like it when you easily get flustered, it kinda turns me on." He teased, watching as the red on her cheeks darkened.

"Why must you do this to meeee?!" (Y/n) whined.

"Because I love you." He replied with a cheeky grin.

"But don't act like you don't like it." He smirked.

"Shut up.." (Y/n) muttered with a red face.

Hiro opened his mouth to say something but (Y/n) quickly leaned to him and softly kissed him.

Hiro eyes widened at his girlfriend's boldness. She never really was the one to kiss him. Usually HE does.

When the shock faded away, he closed his eyes and kissed back, his hands making its way to the back of her head and cheek.

(Y/n)'s hands were already playing with his messy black hair.

Hiro pulled away for breath but was quickly pulled back into another kiss by (Y/n).

It surprised him too much.

After 6 - 7 kisses later, (Y/n) pulled away and panted for breath.

Hiro rested his forehead against her's and chuckled.

"What so funny?" (Y/n) raised her eyebrow.

"Where did you get that boldness to kiss me?" He smiled. "Not that I don't like it or anything."

"Why? Can't I kiss my boyfriend?" She mimicked his voice earlier.

He laughed softly and gave her a short lingering kiss.

"It just surprised me. I'm usually the one who kisses you." He explains.

"Huh, I guess that's what makes you more dominant over me. I leave you alone for a while and you give me kisses like I left for a year."

Hiro pouted at her. "That's my way of giving affection."

"Yeah, and it could make you a father." (Y/n) deadpanned.

"Maybe if you accidentally leave me alone for 3 or more days to do something important, your hormones could go wild and loose." She joked, sniggering.

That was not a joke after all.

(Y/n) wonders what in Merlin's beard does her boyfriend do to make him THIS strong and fit.

It's not like she's not loving how she can feel his abs though his uniform shirt.


Hiro roughly sucked on her neck and left some buries on the way to her collar bone. (Y/n) gasped and bit her lip to keep quiet.

They were both in an abandoned classroom that had chairs and tables toppled over in one side. She was pinned by the door earlier but he somehow moved her to the cold wall.

"H-Hiro.." She stuttered out, feeling pleasure from her neck.

The brunette stopped and glanced up at her. "Hmm?"

"#### me.." She whispered.

Hiro's eyes widen in shock. Was she serious? He just got carried away earlier because he missed her so bad.

Potions was being an arse to him.


"W-what?" He stood up properly, staring at her with wide eyes.

(Y/n) realized what she said and blushed furiously.

"E-E-Ehhh?! I- I.. I didn't mean to say that! Oh my Merlin!" She screamed and buried her face in her hands, the red going to her ears. "I was just going with the moment!" She says with a muffled voice.

Hiro stared at her.

"Pfffttt- HAHAHA!" He laughed, a hand on his face.

(Y/n) peeked through her fingers and looked up at him, glaring. "What's so funny Hamada?"

"It's just that... -" He burst out laughing again.

"Whatever.." (Y/n) grumbled while looking away.

"You are just too adorable!" He coed and pinched her cheek. It made her huff and swat his hand away.

"Shut up!"

"But really," Hiro calmed down and slipped his finger under her chin, making her look up at him. "I'll do it when you're ready." He says with a kind smile.

That made (Y/n)'s face, explode like a volcano.



now that's done.

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