(35) Affection

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Warning: Lime. Don't scream that I didn't warn you.

Also, the reader is.. erm.. slightly tsundere. so please forgive me.

This oneshot would be a Harry Potter AU, and you'll be in Hufflepuff.


***** = this means the lime is starting, and it would end with that too.


(Y/n) sighed in boredom. She was in her dorm, in the Hufflepuff room, reading a book.

It was a Saturday so she didn't have to worry about classes. But actually, she didn't have plans for this weekend since her boyfriend didn't even bother to ask her. It was okay though, she loved him dearly to ever get mad.

Since there was no classes; she was in a blue oversized shirt (that was not her's) - probably stolen from Hiro *cough* - and very little shorts. It looked like she wasn't wearing shorts if she stood up.

While lying down and reading the book that she was raising up in her arms, she suddenly heard some shuffling and a few mumbles.

(Y/n) ignored it and continued to read.

She was interrupted again by a knock on her door.

Groaning in annoyance by the disturbance, she forcefully stood up while putting the book aside.

"First, I have to deal with this idiot." (Y/n) grumbled in her mind.

There was another knock and (Y/n) swiftly swung her door open. It was a good thing her dorm was only hers.

She looked up at the person in annoyance but as soon as she realized who it was, it all faded away.


The said boy grinned at her and tilted his head. "Can I come in?"

"Sheesh, you sound like a vampire, how can I not?" (Y/n) rolled her eyes and stepped aside.

He let himself inside without hesitation. Besides, this wasn't his first time coming in her room.

The first time was when he came to apologize when they fought at the Yule Ball.

After the fight, she stormed to her room and read a book to clear her mind. But a little bit later, Hiro came banging at her door.

She never really knew HOW he can manage to come in. Only Hufflepuffs know what the secret melody to the right barrel was.

But she shrugged it off.

Hiro turn to her, probably to give her kisses, but stopped when he noticed what she was wearing. He blushed slightly at her bare thighs but shook those dirty thoughts off. He looked at the shirt she was wearing and smirked, giving off his famous Hamada smirk.

"Is that mine?" He asked, leaning to her face with a smug look.

(Y/n) glanced at the shirt and quickly looked around, not meeting her boyfriend's eyes. "Noooo.." She lied.

"Uh-huh." Hiro hummed, not convinced.

"You look hot in it. Maybe you should wear my clothes often." He giggled when he saw her cheeks flush into dark red ones.

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