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Mary's POV

My eyes were filled with endless tears . The fear that is  running through my body is overwhelming.  The dream was so realistic that I couldn't take it . I beat him with a pistol . What the fuck was that.  I went psycho.  Ethan busted through my room doors running over to me . He quickly took me into his arms .

"It's ok babygirl ." It's been a while since he's called me that.

His embrace felt safe for once . I felt comfortable. There was no awkwardness between us anymore. It was nothing but peace .

Some time later

I was on vacation with the guys . We rented out a big house with 6 rooms in Jamaica . We decided to take a break all 6 of us to breathe in fresh air.  It was Party,Chris, Drake ,Trey , me , and Ethan.

We just landed 2 hours ago. The island and the house is beautiful. The sight is crazy gorgeous. You can see the sun and the ocean from here . The house came included with a stripper pole built in it . It was also filled with liquor we just bought. Were going to have an incredible time with each other .

Later that night 

I was drinking a cup of Hennessy.  "Partition" by Beyoncé came on blasting through the speakers in the house . I began dancing to it . The henny was getting to me . Next thing you know I was shaking my ass to the song ass soon as the beat dropped .

The Hennessy was doing its thing on me . I was up on the pole with only my bra and panty set .  "So good" by Big Sean was playing which only activated the alcohol more . I was shaking my ass like a motherfucking stripper. The things liquor do to my body.


All the guys were standing with a corona in their hand as they watched the show that was being performed in front of them . Only the pole was lit up where they were standing you couldn't see them . The spotlight was on her .

"That's a bad woman ." Said Trey as he watched her amazed .

"That ass Is so fucking fat ." Said Drake as he almost began drooling.

"I bet that pussy good as hell ." Said Party as he took another sip of his beer .

"That pussy will have you screaming her name trust me . I've hit that before ." Ethan said as he remembered the times he made love to her .

"She looks so good ." Said Chris as he covered his woke member.

They watched her drop down into a split making her ass shake . 

"Damn!" They Said in unison

She heard them and turned to catch them staring . She slowly made her way over to them .  As she stood in front of them she decided to make them frustrated.

She mad her way towards drake and grabbed his member through his shorts . He was so turned on .  She made her way over to party and did the same making him gasp . Next came Trey , he lost it cause he always wanted her close to him like this . She walked over to Ethan and did the same . He immediately smirked at her . He's been with this woman before , he knows her potential. Lastly came Chris , he moaned when she rubbed him . She lightly chuckled at the sight of the sexually frustrated men standing in front of her .

"Damn , I only attract men with big thangs ." She bit her finger .

The henny was making her do things that made their knees weak . Except for Ethan , Ethan knew what this bad woman was capable of . He knew how to control his temptations. He needed to put her to bed before she does anything that she'll regret in the morning.

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