My Experience On The Dark Web

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  I am most likely going to make a list of the sites I visited while being there (I've been 4 times on the Dark Web, but I kinda visited the same things)

  First site I visited was: the hidden wiki

  I could describe it but it isn't a lot to tell. It just a plain site, like wikipedia and there you have multiple categories where you can choose what do you want to see. From drugs to pornography, the sites has all the categories.

  The second site I visited was: Silk Road

  At this point, you might be wondering "why was I there?". Well, is it curiosity enough? It is not like I could see much, I had to create an account and stuff like that (which I didn't, of course) and I couldn't see more than the log in page.

  The third site I visited was some random gun site from a guy in Europe.

  Well, here was a lot different. I could actually see guns and stuff like that, at least I could see those in pictures. You could buy them, I don't remember the prices though, but they were expesive because the site was saying they are untraceable.

  The last site I visited was one that was saying there was the Daisy's Destruction video.

  Again, you might be wondering "why was I there?", and the answer is simple - I wanted to see what people were telling on Reddit and different sites that it is the most disturbing and horrible thing. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see it because probably if I did, I would have had my phone hacked and stuff like that and tons shits of viruses. Instead, I looked on Google and saw pics, which made me throw up (literally) and since then I started my book about the Dark Web.

  I know the first chapter is from June or July, because I once put the story on private and I updated it a long tine after but it is actually from May, when all of those stuff happened and made me create a book, so people can be aware of what can happen to them if they are not careful enough. I only have one advice for you: if you ever go on the Dark Web, be sure your computer/phone is secured and don't press on random links.

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