10. Marrying The CEO

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Written by coinikee

Without thinking twice, I opened the cap of the pen and signed. I signed my life away. I signed myself away.

Alice Gardner was a hardworking woman who was scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Despite wanting to enjoy life, Alice was stuck with two low paying  jobs in order to earn money for her little brothers surgery, but to no avail.

Alice needed money and she needed it fast. Otherwise she would lose her brother. So when once in a lifetime opportunity presents in the form of newspaper advertisement , Alice jumps at the chance.

Gideon Maslomis the owner of the world biggest business empire, Maslow Enterprise. He is ruthless and has the power to destroy anyone with just the snap of his fingers. In his circle he is regarded as the Dark Royalty. Despite having everything, why he wanted was an heir who would inherit his empire when the time come. So holds an interview in order to find the perfect wife who will give him an heir.

When Gideon interviewa Alice, he believes that Alice does not fit his standards if a wife at all, but can he be wrong?

When Alice left the Maslow Enterprise, she thinks that she won't ever see Gideon Maslow but her belief are shattered when she sees Gideon Maslow again and she realizes that Gideon has no Intention of letting her go.

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