Part 22 - Cuddle

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"Calum, you didn't do proper push ups. Do it again" I mad at him.
"What? I did it" Calum looked at me.

"No, you're just day dreaming. Just what the hell are you thinking?" I groaned. For real I didn't satisfied with him today.

He's being clumsy and stubborn.

"Just nothing" he shrugged and sat on his knees.
"Then, do it again! Who ask you to stop?" I shouted. He looked disbelief on me.

"Fucking me" he looked at me with his strict eyes.
"Don't being stubborn. Do it properly" I rubbed my face with my hand.

Calum rolled his eyes and did the push up.
"Oh Nat, Don't go hard on him" Luke looked at me when he's on the track.

"Why not? That's what he deserve for being stubborn during exercise time" I turned to face Luke.

"Hmm fine" he shrugged.

"He's not in a good mood though" Ashton drank his mineral water.
"Only him has a mood huh?" I looked at Ashton lazily.

"Why everyone seem moody?" Michael interrupted us.
"I don't know man" Ashton shook his head.

Out of sudden, Calum walked to the gym's door with his mineral water.

"Where are you going,Calum?" I called him.
"I'm done" he stormed out from the gym.

"He....can do that?" Ashton looked at me.

Why he's being childish? God....

I walked out from the gym to Calum. "Calum" I called his name. He didn't turn around.

"Calum,I'm talking to you"

He still walked without turn back.

He stopped and looked at me. He raised his eyebrows.

I rolled my eyes when he just turned around if I called him that.

"What?" He crossed his arms.
"Why are you being childish?" I walked to him.

"I'm not,honey lip" he looked at me.
"Then,why don't you listen to me there?" I looked up to him. I hate being in this situation,where I looked very tiny compared to him.

I stepped backward.
Calum held my waist and pulled me closer.

"Not right now..." I mumbled and pushed his hand.
"They will see us"

"They're not here" Calum looked at behind me.
"Okay,back to what we talked" I put my hands on his chest because he's coming closer.

"What we talked?" He asked. I groaned.
"About your childish behaviour. Calum, we discussed about it, on the day I'm your worker. I have to act like there's nothing happened between us. On night,yes you are my boyfriend"


"Then, act like what you supposed to be. Don't get mad or being stubborn if I mad at you. We didn't want them to know about us right?" I pat his cheek.

"But you're mad at me like I did the biggest mistake" he pouted.
"I'm sorry,bebe" I smiled. He smiled too.

Next,what I knew he kissed me on the lips. Who the hell wanna pulled away from his kiss. I let him be.

"Where are they?" I heard Ashton's voice from behind me. I quickly pulled away from his lips.

"Calum, 3 rounds now" I gave him an ordered.
"Urrmm what?" He knitted his eyebrows.

"3 rounds for being childish" I smirked.
"Hell no..." his eyes looked at behind me.

"Okay,fine" Calum ran to the backyard.
I turned around and saw Ashton.

"Back to the gym again" I looked at him. He nodded and walked into the gym again.

Tonight, we had movies marathon with the boys plus their girls, Sierra,Kaykay and Crystal. We only chilled around after the boys done the rehearsal.

Luke sat on the big bean couch with Sierra,cuddled up while Ashton,Kaykay,Michael and Crystal laid on the carpet with the pillows around them. The blanket around them too

Popcorns in the big bowls. Each of them have one.

I took over the long couch and laid there. At first Calum sat on the single couch but in the middle of the movie,he moved to the couch I was laid.

He sat and put my legs on his thighs. I looked at him. His eyes not off from the movie. I let him be since they didn't realize it.

Everyone focused on the movies and cuddled.
I'm jealous. I want to cuddle with Calum too.

We watched 3 movies and for sure they're watching that romantic movies since they're couples.

I admitted it worst but I just hold myself. I didn't want they know us together. It's weird to me.

Calum's hand slowly roamed on my side's thigh. I pushed his hand. What if one of them turn around?

But Calum did it again after few minutes.

"Stop" I whispered to him. "They're sleeping" Calum smiled and hovered me.
"But still,they are right there" I looked at them.

Calum held my chin. "Just us now"
I looked at him for a while. "Fine,bebe" I playfully rolled my eyes.

He chuckled and cuddled with me. I smiled.
"I feel your warm body"

"I've been waiting this time" Calum giggled.
I pecked his lips. He snuggled his face on my neck.

I twirled his hair with my fingers.

Just so I knew, I went black. I slept around his arms. It's fucking comfortable.

*next morning*

"Oh... what's happening right now" Michael's high pitched voice make me awake.

They're now around me when I opened my eyes.

"What?" I looked at them.
"Actually we have to ask you and Cal,what are you guys doing?" Sierra smiled.

Okay, I refreshed my mind and now I knew why I don't have any space but yet comfortable. It's because Calum were hugging me.

Fuck this.

Is this the end to their secret? Will Calum safe Natashya from their questions?

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