1 - MADMAX : Part 2

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What? You didn't see that coming?

After last night Gabbie was still feeling a little pain in her head, she wondered if Will was feeling the same thing. The Family was in the car on their way to school. Joyce decided to drive them on her way to work. Joyce and Jonathan were sitting in the front while the twins were in the back. Gabbie leaned over to Will who was staring out the car window. She tapped his shoulder lightly and he jumped and quickly turned around. He calmed down when he saw his sisters face.

"Do you still feel it?" She asked him quietly hoping not to draw the attention of their mom or other brother. Will looked at her and nodded before looking back out the window. Gabbie sighed  as she moved back in her seat and looked out her own window, and started to play with her fingers hoping to take her mind off the pain.

Before they know it their mom stops infant of the twin's school. Will thanks his mother with a kiss on the cheek as he gets out the car, Gabbie just gets out, she isn't feel like talking after being shut down by Will and also having the pain in her head. Gabbie closed the car door and put down her board as she skated to the stairs, leaving Will.

Gabbie got to her own locker, while down the hall a little Will was at his. As he was looking for his books he found a piece of newspaper. The newspaper was of him when he was found but someone had crossed out the eyes in red and they had written 'Zombie Boy' In green below it. This made Will very uncomfortable as he looked around the hallway at all the children walking by. But as the Bell rung he scrunched it into a ball and grabbed his books as he went to class.

While walking to class he met up with the party. They all said hello to one another as they entered the classroom, they took their seats and got their books out. As Mr Clarke welcomed his students and was about to close the door of the class Gabbie ran in. Mr Clarke looked at he disappointingly as he sighed at her.

"Mrs Byers, you're late again, if you're late once more you'll get a detention"  Mr Clarke said to her, Gabbie just faked smiled at him as she walked oft the back of the classroom to get her seat. As she sat down she realised two empty seats either side of her. She just sighed as she sat back in her chair and just waited for the bell to go.

With Gabbie seated Mr Clarke decides to start the lesson as he puts a human brain down.

"Meet the human brain. I know. I know, it doesn't look like much. A little gross even right? But consider this. There are a hundred billion cells inside this miracle of evolution. All working as one." As Mr Clarke says this the Party members get excited from the information they were learning as they love to learn from their favourite teacher. Mean while all the other children in the class could not care less as they passed notes, chewed gum or even fell asleep.

"No, no, I did not misspeak. I did not stutter. A hundred billion." Mr Clarke finishes as the classroom door closes behind three people. One being the principal, another being David, and the third a girl.

"Ah, these must be our new students" Mr Clarke said to the two children. David looked around the class till eyes landed on Gabbie and that's when he smiled. Gabbie had a smirk as she rolled her eyes at him. But she was happy that he was joining the class.

"Indeed. All yours" The principal said then he made eye contact with Gabbie at the back of the class. She mentally sweared in her head because she knew what was coming, before class she was in the bathrooms drawing all over the stall and Mrs Andrews caught her, that's why she was late, she was actually planning on skipping this lesson. "Mrs Byers, my office" He said as he stood next the door. Gabbie sighed and said 'fuck' as she grabbed her bag and started to walk out the classroom. She kept her head down as she could feel the class staring at her, but worse she could feel the party looking at her. She looked up  and turned to them as she walked and all she was met with was them looking away, but not Will, he just looked disappointed. As she walked past David he winked at her which Mae her actually smile. She thought why was this boy getting to her. As she got to the door the principal put his hand on her backpack to guide her down the hall to his office, a place Gabbie had gone many times, The principal shut the door behind and Mr Clarke go back to introducing everyone.

"Sorry about that" Mr Clarke said to David and the girl. "That's Gabbie Byers, you may hear her name from time to time" As he said that Mike looked up at him and felt almost angry for saying that behind Gabbie's back.

"Dustin, drum roll" Mr Clarke said towards Dustin as he closed his book and started smacking it like a drum. "Class, please welcome, all the way from sunny California, and from Chicago, the latest passengers to join us on our curiosity voyage, Maxine and David." Mr Clarke ended by pointing to the children.

"It's Max" The girl said to Mr Clarke as he questions her. "Nobody calls me Maxine. It's Max" She said again, this time getting annoyed.

"Well, all aboard Max, and David any name I should call you" Mr Clarke asked the boy.

"Nah, I'm cool" He said as both of the children found their way walking to the back and taking a seat. Ma sits right in the far right corner while David seats two seats away from her, leaving a desk in the middle of them which was meant to be Gabbie's.

The party start talking about Max and wondering if she was the video game legend known as 'Mad Max'. As Max took a seat all the boys stared at her wondering if it was true.

Mr Clarke got the attention back of the class as he continued his lesson. After some time The classroom door opened again and Gabbie stepped in with the principal.

"Welcome back Gabbie" Mr Clarke said to her when she just rolled her eyes and got back to her seat. she was now met with both David and Max looking at her. Mr Clarke didn't waste anymore time getting back to the lesson.

Gabbie could feel the eyes on her as she looked at them asking them what they wanted. Max just rolled her eyes and looked away, while David continued to look at her.

"Yes?" Gabbie said sarcastically to the boy.

"what did you do?" He asked her

Gabbie leaned back in her chair "Drew on the bathroom stalls, everyone does it, but I do it most" She smirks as she looks forward.

"We still on?" David questions her, which makes her turn her head towards the boy.

"What?" She gabby said confused.

"Skating, you know the thing you promised last night?" David said to her hoping she would remember.

"Oh, yeah, We're still on" Gabbie smirks while David winks at her.

"Stop winking" Gabbie says as she playfully hits his shoulder which cause them both to laugh, which earns Mr Clarke to tell them to be quite.

To the left of Gabbie she heard Max clear her throat which caused Gabbie to turn her attention to her.

"I want in on skating, I want to know the best place" She says to them, Gabbie smirks at her.

"Sure, just wait for me at lunch, I'll show you two" Gabbie said to both of them as they nodded their heads. Gabbie Wasn't going to let them actually become her friends, she can't trust any one, only herself.


hey. Im back. Whats good!

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I don't know when the next part will be out, but hopefully soon.

I'm actually proud for writing this and getting back into writing, I've missed it.

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