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Cortez Family:

Orlando Cortez - Main character (MC)

Arianna Swanson/Cortez - Female MC

Micah Cortez - MC's first son, 5-yr-old

Serena and Selena Cortez - Twin daughters, 3-yr-old

Enrique Cortez - MC's younger brother

Chiara Cortez - Enrique's wife

Lukas Cortez - Enrique's son - 4-yr-old

Ricardo Cortez - MC's father

Grandpapa Cortez - MC's grandfather

Isabel/Isabela - MC's estranged mother


Michael Frisby (Mike) - Arianna's best friend

Skylar Frisby - His GF and then wife

Leo Frisby - Mike's son - 3-yr-old

Uncle Frisby - Mike's father

Gabriella/Gaby - Mike's mother


Rosalinda Pike (Rosie) - Arianna's friend

Jeff - Rosie's BF and then husband

Leah - Rosie's daughter - 3-yr-old


Brian Schultz - Arianna's ex

Mr. & Mrs. Schultz wasn't given a first name in this book.


Alana Swanson/Schultz - Arianna's twin

Curtis - Alana's husband

The couple doesn't have children yet.


Henry Swanson and Claire Swanson - Arianna and Alana's parents.

They are homeless and jobless, taking odd jobs to keep their life afloat since their friends turned their back on them.


Let me know if I missed anyone above.


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