03 | not so perfect

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"I'm sorry I'm late!"

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"I'm sorry I'm late!"

In the distance, the sixteen year old blond is racing as fast as he could down the hill, broom at hand and is still buttoning up his robes. The time is now showing 12:34, indicating that the boy is late by nineteen minutes and he's sure that Minho will give him a speech about being late.

"I wish I could accidentally hit you with a bludger right now," Minho mumbles under his breath, not loud enough for the sixth year to hear. He then puts up a smile, "but no matter Hyunjin, I'll be nice for once. We had a nice win, anyway."

Hyunjin leans to the side and whispers into the ears of a fourth year beater. "I already prepared mentally, and now I'm getting nothing!"

"You should be thankful," he says in reply.

"Hwang, you have no detentions after classes, correct?" another voice calls out, cutting his conversation.

A seventh year girl steps next to Minho, and she goes by the name of Kwon Yujin; vice captain and literally the scariest, coldest girl Hyunjin's ever met.

"Yes, why?"

"Help me with equipments later," the girl ignores the glare their captain is giving her, "as a punishment for being late," she adds.

Minho rolls his eyes, "we'll let him go this once, Yujin."

Yujij scoffs and folds her arms across her chest, frowning.

"Alright everyone, find a partner, we're doing time trials!"

The rest of the team groans at the captain's statement and everyone lazily finds a partner. Hyunjin rakes his hair back, time trials were the worst: you do not want to be the slowest or else Minho will make you do extra laps, but on the other hand, you don't want to go fast or else you'll tire yourself out.

And that's why, the perfect partner for these drills are never the chasers: they fly too fast. Hyunjin has his eyes on a fifth year keeper; agile but not too fast.


Not so perfect -- Hyunjin's arms are held back and when turning around, Kwon Yujin stands there with a shuddering gaze.

"You're with me."

Kwon Yujin is a chaser.

Just the last person Hyunjin was trying to avoid.

"I-I think I'm good thanks," the boy stutters, "I'm good with Nott over there."

"You may be able to pass through Minho, Hwang," Yujin tells him, hand still encircled around Hyunjin's wrist, "but oh no, you are most definitely not getting through me."

"Yeah, well, I think Nott's already waiting for me," Hyunjin tries to reason, eyes pleading at the keeper to release himself from Kwon Yujin's wrath but the boy shakes his head, just a little bit frightened at the fact of having to deal with the Kwon Yujin.

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