Fake Hopsital (2)

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     "God, what a mess-wait!-you catch that scent?" The familiar female voice awakened Aeress who was still huddled under the table. Blood puddled at her feet. She was just so tired. 

     "Yeah, did we miss one of them?" This time it was a male. He was curious and not threatened in the least. 

     "No," the woman walked closer to her location, she could tell by the way her steps increased in volume, "probably one of them got either shot or knocked out. The poor bastard will regret not dying." Aeress shivered at how casually she spoke. Or maybe it was because of blood loss?

     The table was lifted up rather like it had the weight of a feather. Aeress didn't have the strength to cower away. "Holy shit," the woman breathed out, "I remember her. She's human. A Scented. Harmless. Damn, she's in bad shape. We had better do something before she bleeds all the way out."

     The last thing Aeress remembered was a hand on her arm.


     Her mouth opened and released a scream. Without bothering to note her surroundings, she thrust out her arms, forcing her body to the ground. She clambered to the nearest corner and stationed her body there. 

     "Hey! Calm down! You're safe!" a voice pleaded. 


     Aeress was shaking to the point that she struggled to control her limbs. "Please don't kill me."

     "Kill you? Why would I kill you?" The woman demanded. 

     Aeress finally looked around, and it appeared that she was in a hospital room. The woman, who had a lab coat on. Her hands were reached out, covered by bloody gloves. She examined her bloody body and realized the woman was helping her. "What hospital is this? Did the cops find the men who did this?" 

     The woman inched forward. "Right now we need to worry about stitching that hand. I got finished with your ear and shoulder, but you woke up in the middle of your hand being stitched up. Please, let me finish?" 

     Aeress had so many questions. "Okay." 

     "Here, I'll numb it. I was hoping you would be asleep the entire time, but it appears my calculations were too miniscule. I am sorry about that." Her smile was genuine and soft, resembling a caring mother-like expression.

     Not sure what to do, she nodded along and did as instructed. She was distracted by the doctor. She appeared to be Asian, maybe from the Philippines? Asian or not, she was incredibly lovely with smooth, tan skin, and round, black orbs for eyes. There were a couple beauty marks scattered across her face, and Aeress thought she wore them well. 

      "Ow," she mumbled, but her hand was quickly numbing. "The last time I got stitches, my asscheeks were aching and I lost a back tooth." 

     "Do you have any family we can contact? Your name did not have any emergency contacts listed under your name." Her voice had an accent to it, adding a richness to her cadence. Perhaps from New York?

     "An aunt, but she died a couple years ago of an allergic reaction. It's just me now, for a while actually." 

     The doctor shot her a sympathetic glance. "I am sorry to hear that. Losing family is tough." It was hard to be suspicious with such a woman.

     "Yeah, we really weren't that close. She never planned on having kids, but being the saint she was, she couldn't let the feds take me after my mother overdosed. I usually don't share this much, why am I saying this?" 

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