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Make your request for x readers {here}, also, please give a plot when you request.

-I won't do a request with Oc's, only (Y/n).
-If you want to request something for a teacherxreader, I will do it as long as the reader isn't a student bc that's ILLEGAL, and we follow the law here.
-I'll write lemons, limes, fluff, angst, just let me know what you're in the mood for.


(Y/n)- Your name
(L/n)- Last name
(F/c)- Favorite color
(H/n)- Hero name
(Y/q)- Your quirk (ps; comment some cool quirk ideas)
(F/f)- Favorite food

()- Fluff
()- Smut, Lime
( )- Angst

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