Chapter 23

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I stayed at Kelis' dorm last night which was awful because Cali had this beefcake dude over trying to get him to literally fuck her brains out, or sounded like that was their goal. I had no idea you could have sex as long as that girl did, it felt like forever before they finally stopped.

I'm currently waiting to speak to the Dean about my living arrangements, hopefully with it being a new semester someone either dropped out or transferred and a room is open. Worst case scenario I may see if Seth will let me stay with him for a little while. I would really love my own bed though.

"Dean Peters will see you now." His secretary says holding the door open.

Dean Peters stands up behind his desk when I enter his office. "Please take a seat Ms. Knightly, thank you Molly." He nods at his secretary just before she closes the door

"Okay, so I do have a dorm for you but it's completely trashed because the two girls that lived there were both expelled and they didn't take it too well. They're being held accountable for their actions but it will take a week or two to get everything cleaned up and for the new furniture to arrive."

Well at least now there's an expiration date on living with Nixon Hyze, rich boy asshole. Thank god.

"We will get in touch with you and give you your key when it's finished."

"Okay, thank you Dean Peters." I say, rising from the chair.

"You're welcome, Ms. Knightley. Have a good day."

As soon as my feet hit the sidewalk I call Seth.

"Hey babe, miss me already?" I can practically hear his smirk through the phone.

I roll my eyes even though he can't see. "Maybe it's the Hulk I'm missing and not you."

He chuckles. "We're a package deal, babe. What are you doing?"

"Just left the Deans office."

"I'm right around the corner, be there in a minute." He says and hangs up.

Well, okay then. A minute later I see his bright green car coming toward me. I slip in the passenger seat and he flashes me a dimpled smile. Today he's dressed in the black hoodie with GTR emblazoned in green across the chest, dark wash skinny jeans and black Vans. His shaggy blonde hair flicks out of the slouchy black beanie on his head and I literally want to kiss him he is so handsome. He grips the shifter and pulls away from the curb.

"So have you been a naughty girl, why were you at the Deans office?"

"I was asking about my dorm room situation. I officially have a room in the girls dorm but it won't be ready for another one to two weeks. So... I was hoping as my bestie for the restie..." I trail giving him a big smile.

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