Chapter 53

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Her fingers skimmed over the recipe books in their study, her lips turning up in a smile as Safiya remembered Daiyan's excitement when they had shifted to this house. How giddy he was to show her the recipe books and she had ruined everything for him in her fear. 

The curtain rustled gently with the slow breeze which tried to peek inside the study to know the thoughts of the little girl. Being the half-day shift of Sunday, Daiyan had dropped her to the house and had gone running some errands with Muaz, so Safiya had decided to prepare something savory for her husband. After getting freshened up, she had directly come to their study to have some idea of the new dish. Today her appetite was crazy, maybe some defect of her liver dysfunction-she couldn't have her breakfast properly because she was feeling full and till now it was the same. So she was just thinking that maybe cooking would help her in some way to have food.

Whenever they got time, Daiyan was teaching her different savory dishes to brush up her cooking skills and also to build her confidence. One day, she had cooked chicken lasagna under Daiyan's watch while the other day she had tried to make Yakhni Pulao, a traditional Lucknowi delicacy. Safiya always looked forward to that time when she got to spend with Daiyan in the kitchen as his student because that was the time he talked so much and she loved to hear his voice.  

Shoving out a recipe book from the shelf and going through a random page, it opened out to be Minced meat with potato. Safiya had this idea that her husband preferred veg foods more but whenever she cooked a non-veg dish as she was a pure non-vegetarian, Daiyan always ate it like that was the only favorite dish of his. Grinding the meat to mince, she put it up in the pressure cooker with some spices, seasonings, and chilies and while it was cooking, Safiya began to prep some dough for the roti. While her hands were full of the wet dough, the doorbell rang.

Talk about good timings! 

It could be Daiyan but Safiya couldn't risk it; so clumsily wrapping a scarf around her head with her dough-full hands, she opened the door to see her husband with a small smile on his face and his hands full with paper bags. 

"What's happening?"

Daiyan eyed her hands and rubbed his thumb on her eyebrow maybe to wipe something. Safiya gave a toothed smile as she rubbed her hands together slowly, slightly excited to reveal the lunch she had prepared from his recipe book. She looked at the paper bags in his hands as he placed a kiss on her forehead while coming closer to her, "What in these?"

"Our Lunch."

Daiyan answered with a smile moving ahead of her, ruining all of her excitement. So she was tiring herself to prepare a nice meal for her husband and he just had to spoil her plan, Daiyan didn't even want a home-cooked meal-he wanted something sophisticated restaurant-style food! She was a fool to waste her entire time in the kitchen when she could easily rest but no, she had to show her care and love. As if her husband even cared.

Safiya walked past Daiyan and quickly washed her dough-covered hands after turning the stove off. Her brain felt like fuming with so much heat that Safiya thought Daiyan would be able to see steam coming out of her ears due to the anger crawling in her body. "It's from the new Chinese restaurant opened a week ago, I thought-"

"I'm not hungry, you eat."

Safiya mumbled, throwing the napkin on the dining table as she moved towards their room. She didn't want to face him, how could he do that? Was that restaurant so special that Daiyan was giving extra importance to it over her cooking? Lunging on her bed, she hid her face in the pillows-some tears getting vanished in the cotton pillow cover. If he loved that food so much, she did right to leave him alone with it.

Why he did it? 

Was he getting tired of her?

Maybe Daiyan was getting fed up with her silly mistakes in cooking.

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