Killer Kisses

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"You're kidding! Who is it?" I ask, trying to get it out of him. I want to put the culprit who hurt my Aniket and put them in prison where they belong.

"Well? Tell me!"

"Wait." He thinks for a moment and shakes his head. "It can't be. She's like a sister to me."

"Who are you talking about?" When he said sister, I thought of his own twin, Kanya.

"It's Kanya. She pushed me off the balcony after, after—

"I know. I know. You don't have to relive it."

"Why did I do that? Was I stupid?" He asks, referencing to attempting to kill himself with a glass bottle.

"No. You were in love." I said guiltily. I was the reason he attempted suicide. If I had just let him near me—

No, I can't take the blame for this. It was his own actions. His own depression.

"What happened?"

I sniff, trying to keep the tears at bay. "I- I refused to let you touch me. You were under the influence of your best friend, Chinna, who gave you bad advice. He-he told you to make me submissive. Be a housewife and raise your children. I objected and you tried to make me submit. I left you after breaking your heart. You got drunk for the first time, beat up your best friend in despair, and in depression, tried to kill yourself when you assumed that I didn't love you anymore."

"Seriously? I attempted suicide for that?"

"I know. I told you it was stupid."

"So that's why I have a cut on my stomach? Because I got drunk and lonely? Why the hell did you love me?"

I laugh at him, trying to lighten the mood. "The heart loves who it wants to. I love you because you were the most respectful man I have ever met. You helped me with my—

"Your what? Tell me." He pauses. "No secrets."

I sigh. "I had a medical condition. Well, I think I still do. I have Haphephobia, it's a fear of being touched, especially by the opposition gender. Well, you helped me overcome it. And, I love you for that. For giving me space and time. God, you loved me more than I loved you. You were crazy about me."

"I still am." He winked. "Just in other ways." I had to laugh. He glanced at my overly exposed waist, but I covered it, lifting his head to face my eyes.

"Anyways," I drag, "I guess that is why I love you."

"Why do you love me now? I'm not the same person. I don't think I'm being very respectful at this moment."

"Oh, but you are. You are still my Aniket. You just don't know it yet."

"Is it that? Or is it because you're already married to me, and carrying my child in your womb?"

I wavered for second, actually doubting my love for him. "No. I love you. I love you, because you own my heart. You are still respectful, caring and sweet. In your own cocky ways. Remember, your characteristics have only intensified, not changed."

"If you say so." He says, sighing. "Maybe I will love you. You seem like the lovable type."

I laugh at him, swatting his arm.

Suddenly, my expression changes when I remember why we were having this conversation. He remembered.

I don't know why Kanya tried to murder my husband, but whatever the reason may be, she's going to get her punishment.

"So, have you found a lead, officer?" I ask, sitting down on the creaky old Mahogany chair in the police station.

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