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two days later

I woke up around five- knowing I had to go into work.

I made my way downstairs to make coffee before I noticed that Casey's light was on.

I immediately pushed the door open- hearing the morning sickness.
"Babygirl" I spoke gently as I went into her bathroom- helping her hold her hair, rubbing her back as she threw up.

She let out a whine as I wiped her mouth, feeling her pull away from the toilet.

She flushed, wiping her tears gently, making me kiss her head.

"A few more weeks and no more morning sickness" I spoke.

"I couldn't even sleep last night" she spoke- her voice telling me that she was tired

"Couldn't get comfortable?" I questioned.

"No, I couldn't- and when I finally did I had to fucking pee" she whined- tears threatening to pool over, so I quickly changed the subject.

"How about we go get some breakfast?" I spoke quickly, seeing her look to me

"Good job changing the subject"

She followed me down the stairs, holding my hand- reminding me of when she was sixteen and sick from pneumonia.

"What are you feeling, babygirl?" I asked, opening the fridge.
"Fruit?" She questioned, making me immediately scan the fridge, finding some strawberries and grapes.

I made sure they were washed before I gave them to her, hearing and immediate tired "thank you"
I fixed coffee before sitting beside her, both of us scrolling through our phones.

I sent a picture to Ashton of her sitting with her head against her hand.

She's growing, we have worse morning sickness, no sleep and lots of peeing:)

Within five minutes later I heard the door open- soon revealing Ash.

"Baby momma" he spoke out, putting his hand on her back gently.

She hummed lightly, popping a grape into her mouth.

"Have you felt our little olive move?" He questioned.

Her eyes flicked to him.

"Should I?" She questioned.

"We're getting close to that point, so don't freak out if you feel anything, okay?"

She gave him a small nod, her tiredness visible.

"Do you want me to reschedule your appointment for today?" He asked her, noticing how miserable she looked.

"What time?" She asked.

"Noon" he spoke.

She glanced towards the clock, seeing six fifteen in the morning.

"No- I should be able to sleep between now and then, thank you though" she spoke quietly, making him kiss her head.

"It'll her so much better in the next few weeks"

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