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three weeks later.

We had been apartment shopping all fucking day and I was absolutely exhausted.

I felt cubby, my feet hurt like hell and I just wanted to take a nap, but Calum said he had one more to show us

We pulled up at a house.

"This isn't an apartment Cal-" "but it's in your price range" he spoke slowly, making me look to him.

I hadn't considered looking at houses.

We followed a real estate agent inside- he showed us all the rooms.

It had three bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen and dining room along with a living room and basement- to say the least, it was cozy.

"You're also in a great private school district" he pointed out as we all walked in different directions.

Calum and I met alone in the living room.

"I kinda- like it" I laughed lightly.

"I told you, I think you'd be better investing in a house anyway- put your money towards something that could one day be yours." He spoke, glancing around the room with me.

"I'm just- stuck with it if anything happens-" "but you have a family that will help you with money if anything happens in that situation, your family is also a three block walk down the street" he grinned.

"That's why you like it so much" I laughed as the real estate agent entered.

"Maybe so"

So we started the buying process.

We left our agent to handle our papers and such as we went home and I almost collapsed.

"Feeling it now?" Mom questioned, referring to how I had been continually telling her that I never feel pregnant.

I looked to my socks- seeing my swollen ass feet

"Shit- my feet are swollen" I laughed out, seeing Ashton enter the house, a smile on his face.

"Pick them up- level blood flow" he spoke, carefully lifting my legs to rest on the couch.

"So you're at nine weeks" he grinned

"What size are we at?" I smiled, excited to hear

"He or she is now the size of a green olive- but there's better news" he spoke- seeming more than excited.

"Tell me"

"The baby is no longer and embryo it's a full fucking fetus!"

We all immediately had a small celebration party- everyone almost more excited than I was.

"Baby momma is tired" Calum pointed out with a smile, sitting beside me.

"I feel chubby" I spoke- patting my now visible stomach.

"It's not chubby- you're carrying a human being, Casey."

"That doesn't stop me from feeling chubby, Ashton"

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