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"y/n let's do a vine!"
"a vine?"
"yeah! all you have to do is take a video of me. and wait till i tell you to stop pressing the button. and when i'm ready again you can press it."
"okay," i nervously chuckled.
"it'll be fun babe, just watch," he kissed my cheek and ran to go get lux's pink scooter. he handed me his phone, "just press the red button." once he was finally ready for it to start he yelled, "go!" i pressed the button and he started scooting towards the wall until he yelled, "stop!" and i stopped. he quickly lied on the floor and dropped the scooter, "action!" i pressed the button again until it was over. we watched the video and kept laughing about how dorky he was. and it's still to this day our favorite video.

 and it's still to this day our favorite video

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