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"Wait we need a picture!" Calum yelled as I stood from the table.

"We have one" I spoke, holding the picture of the baby that I got from the ultrasound.

"No of your tummy- we have to track your growth" he grinned- almost eager.

"Lift your shirt and turn to the side"

After getting into the exact position that all the boys liked, I gave a smile and he took the picture, seeming more than happy.

"Come on babygirl- let's go show your mom"

The five of us went to Calum's house and as soon as we walked through the doors I could hear yelling.

"Macey! Pick up your shit" I let out a small snort before hearing a gasp- looking towards it and seeing my favorite boy Brantley.

"Brantley!" I yelled happily, seeing him run to me with open arms.

"We are going to make this so perfect for you- I promise"

"What's going to be perfect?" Macey questioned as she came down the stairs and we made eye contact.

Something we hadn't done in almost two years.

"Oh- Casey" her eyebrows raised.

"Hi Macey" I spoke with a small smile- looking at my twin sister, seeing things I didn't exactly like.

Hickeys coated her neck, she held a vape in her hand, her hair was dyed bright red, the under bags of her eyes darker than I had ever seen them.

"You look- good" she spoke, making me clear my throat.

"Thanks- you look good too" I spoke slowly.

Brantley held my leg, wrapping his arms around them.

"I want to spend the night with Casey and Nick tonight" he spoke, making my heart almost winch.

I put my hand into his hair as Calum spoke.

"I think sissy is going to spend the night with us tonight- in her old bedroom and you can just sleep with her- how's that sound?" He spoke, making Brantley almost ecstatic.

"Why are you spending the night?" Macey asked.

"Nick and I broke up" I spoke- seeing her eyebrows raise.

"Why- you guys were perfect together-" "I'm pregnant, and he didn't want a kid" I spoke slowly, seeing her eyes widen.

"Oh- congrats Cas" she spoke, more than shocked.

"Thank you" I nodded with a smile.

It was just awkward- I hated every second of this.

"Well I better go- Julius is waiting on me" she spoke, immediately leaving the room.

I turned slowly to look to my mom who was silent, looking to me.

"And I thought you would be mad that I was pregnant" I mumbled- making all five of them start laughing together.

"I'm hoping it's just a phase."

Later in the night I had showered and braided my hair- I was back in my old room, which was weird.

Everything was exactly how I had left it- not one thing changed.

I sat on the bed- soon seeing a butt naked Brantley running in laughing loudly- a exhausted Calum and Luke chasing him, eventually grabbing him, pulling him into a towel.

"You little rat" Calum spoke as he lifted him- kissing his cheek, which only made me smile.

"I'll be back in one second" he winked towards me, making me lay back in the bed- putting my hands onto my stomach.

I could feel the smallest hump- but if I didn't know I was pregnant, I would've thought it was just bloating.

I stared at my roof as I kept my hand on it- hearing my door open- seeing Michael.

"You're going to be adorable when you get a big bump" he spoke as he entered, laying beside me.

"I'm kinda scared" I laughed, turning my head to look at him.

"Scared of what?" He questioned

"Birth." I spoke simply, seeing him nod.

"It's a logical thing to be scared of" he mumbled slowly.

"But you have no reason to be"

"You are one of the strongest girls I've ever met- and you have a support system of a mom, four guys and two girlfriends- you'll have that baby out before your water even breaks" he smiled, making me laugh out.

"Ash is going to deliver my baby" I spoke- seeing him nod, making me smile.

I wouldn't trust anyone else to catch my baby.

"I thought my life was ruined for like an hour" I informed him

"Oh baby- it's just begun"

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