Bakugo Katsuki

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Written by puellaangel on tumblr

He (and everyone else but he doesn't know that) is trying to get him and his crush under the mistletoe so he can confess.

• he thought it was the plan of the century

• under the mistletoe confession?? oh yea he's definitely a genius

• or,,,,so he thought

• when he actually got to the party and saw how many people were, his shoulders slump

• how the fuck am i meant to talk to or kiss ???

• poor boi is confusion but he clenches his fist in determination

• what he doesn't know is that his oh-so-loving group of friends, as usual, were one step ahead

• however, it really did prove to be a struggle

• as the host of the party, you were darting from one corner to another with various refreshments

• "can i-"

• "one sec,kacchan," you'd whiz past him with a plate filled with sweets "i need to refill the sweet table"

• and it just carried on for another hour or so until his friends decided to step in

• sero grabbed the plate from your hands and mina pushed you towards where a rather frustrated bakugou sat quietly grumbling to himself

• thanks to mina you literally collided into the poor boi

• for a minute he was quiet, shocked at your sudden appearance but a sharp nudge from kirishima quickly brought him back

• "mistletoe up there," he muttered clumsily, scratching behind his head with a light frown

• you'd start laughing; so this is what it was all about

• bringing your thumb, you'd smooth the crease between his brows, putting both hands around his face

• both your faces would be flushed red, but his arm wraps instictively around your waist and he leans in

• when you kiss him, it's like an explosion, heart ready to beat out of his chest

• when you pull away, you smile up and him and he gives the faintest of smiles back, calloused hand reaching to brush up against your cheek while his friends cheered in the corner

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