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I'm a Wattpad newbie but couldn't resist the opportunity to participate in this year's Open Novella Contest.

My prompt was romance, and though I didn't intend on going in that direction, I was instantly inspired by receiving an invitation to a club that no one's heard of. What goes on behind closed doors? Why is nothing known about it?

So I'm crafting a teen fiction story that, alas, has no kissing. But there's blood. Maybe some ghosts. And secrets. Yeah, there's lots of those.

For those of you that enjoy a cast of characters, I've included one for y'all. And if you like relying on your trusty imagination, skip the cast part, it won't hurt my feelings.

Each chapter has a scene song. I recommend letting the song play as you read the chapter. It really heightens the experience.

Bear in mind this is a rough draft, but thank you for taking the ride with me anyways.

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