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Elena knew she put off this visit purposely. Morning arrived and the enormity of why she was truly stressed came in the form of an urgent message. She was spending time with the kids, discussing their treatments and futures. Liza was pleased to know that Alpha Jonathon wished to make her his daughter as he wanted to make Bryce his son. The light in her eyes was but a flicker by the news. "It's progress", the Alpha said with a bright smile.

The news came to her by a harried guard. Her protective instinct went up, immediately she reached out to Dimitri through their connection but he blocked her out.

"It's your sister, your majesty," was all he said for her to rush towards the isolated cells of the pack. Upon arriving she noticed the additional guards and the heavy scent of their fear. They kept their heads low as she rushed by. All cells were kept underground of a simple one level house where the guards on duty stay. Making her way through the halls and to the hidden staircase, she can feel the unease from the hybrids guarding the cells. The scent of her mate was strong which overpowered the doctors. Pushing open the door with way too much force, she hurried to the cell Racheal was kept. Dimitri looked over his shoulder as she approached. The cell was the biggest of them all and was at the end of the hall. Thick, tempered glass doors were the only entry and exit of the cells. The doctors sensed her presence and slowly turned to face her. Glancing at her mate and seeing his hesitancy she knew it was bad.

"Your sister, your majesty, isn't responding to the treatment. The wolfsbane didn't work, her metabolism is higher than other wolves or vamps, making the serum dissipate upon injection. The blood of the kids was unsuccessful. Her newly created DNA rejected the shifting gene the kids have in their blood. Silver has a momentary effect on her, sedating her for a few hours before her metabolism eats at it."

Elena listened to the failed tries of getting Racheal back to human, her heart became heavy at the thought of what she had to do.

"Is she responding to human contact?" she asked, praying for a silver lining. In her peripheral, she saw Dimitri gave the doctors a slight nod before they bowed gracefully and took their leave. He didn't have to tell her what she was seeing. Slowly she stepped up to the glass door and saw what has been done. Bright red blood stained the white linoleum, a harshly bitten arm was ripped from the person's body lying in the corner. The shackles that held her once were now broken, leaving piece dangling from the collar around her neck. Racheal's new body of a hellhound was as big as a high ranked werewolf. Her fur wasn't thick but a bit dense and brown in color. Her pointed ears were alert, twitching listening for sound as she mauled at the now dead medical assistant.

"He was assigned to take blood samples while she was unconscious. She woke up earlier than expected. Lena...."

She shook her head in denial. He went closer, wrapping his arms around her body, then felt her relax against him. "Her mother has to be notified. Your father is scheduled to visit us tomorrow to settle everything with the surviving hounds. We have to do this, love," Dimitri said kissing her head.

"They don't know who we truly are. Daddy married her to have a woman present in my life. He doesn't really love Helen, he explained it to me as adoration at first, then the real her was shown. He just let it be. We both decided not to tell them after their true obnoxious, attention-seeking behavior. Seeing her daughter this way and for her to hear the solution to it all, she will go over the edge. She's losing her child, my love," she said softly. Probably sensing Elena on the other side of the door, Rachel turned to them and began to bark in anger. She then rushed to the door, wanting to break through it but Dimitri stilled her body in mid-run. Elena turned and buried her face in her mate's neck. He held her tighter as he willed Rachel's hellhound form into a corner then cast a sleep spell on her.

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