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With Shia's life being no more, one would think that their worries and troubles were over.

It was far from it.

Elena and Dimitri took a few moments to themselves after overseeing the execution of the rogue wolves who willfully went against the crown.

Few begged for their lives but they were reminded in their world, the law must be upheld to control peace. To anyone new to their way of life may think their written laws barbaric and uncalled for but it must be adhered to. From young pups have been taught the history of every creature of the night, both good and bad. Some may agree to their ancestors' choices and others may not, for example, Shia.

One law that was agreed upon by All was to never hurt the humans in any kind of way that may shift the balance of peace.

Shia literally spat on that law and many others. The punishment for treason and violating humans is death.

The execution of the rogues was by a single gunshot to the head with silver bullets in their wolf forms. A sign of their treachery. Their wolves should know better than to betray the goddess and their king.

In the room assigned to the royal couple, Elena was comfortably in her mate's lap as he held her close, placing soft kisses on her head as they took that moment of quiet to get their mind back in order. Dimitri's arms tighten around her then a long sigh escaped him.

'Some of the humans didn't make it. Their hellhound side took over. They had to be killed,' he told her over their mind link. The act of talking out loud seems too much for the two.

'Understood. The nearby towns? Are they safe?' She asked. Elena wanted this all to end so they can focus on their growing family. So much they had to do and decisions to be made.

'Jakobe handled everything. Nearby packs took in the surviving hounds and began treatment immediately. A team is locating each identity and sending the files to me when completed. Your father knows someone in the FBI to help us reassure their families'


Dimitri felt her worry over their connection, using his index finger he gently turned her head to face him by her chin. "Talk to me, Lena," he begged. Dante whimpered, relaying to his human of Tara's sadness.

"Connor," was all she said.

"Oh, my love. After we contact his family and explain his situation, we will know his decision. I know you've grown quite fond of him, I must admit, I do too but he does have a family," Dimitri explained.

"I know. I guess I was being selfish for wanting to keep him as my own son."

"And I'm not upset by it. Why don't you go visit him? It's his first night of freedom, go make sure he's settling in," Dimitri suggested while easing her gently off his lap. She looked down at her mate, her green and gold eyes soft with love and adoration for him. He knew she saw the same in his, he wasn't shy of letting her see how she affected him. She was his queen, his best friend and the mother of his child, he loved her. With a lingering kiss before she left the room, Dimitri silently watched her departure, thanking the goddess for blessing him with her.

The kids were placed in one large guest room with twin beds on the ground floor. This was done for their safety, comfort and if they need anything from the alpha or the royal couple. It was nearing 11 at night and with the excitement from earlier and days past, Elena wasn't tired at all. She was energetic and yet restless. Pushing open the slightly ajar door, she took note of the three twin beds placed under the large bay window. The moon was full and was shining through the clear glass, the curtains were pulled back allowing moonlight to beam on the kids. Bryce was fast asleep due to his now familiarity to a life of freedom. Lisa was tossing and turning in bed till she found a comfortable spot curled in a fetal position. Connor was awake. The soft blue cotton blanket she chose specifically for his bed was wrapped around his shoulders as he stared at the moon.

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