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He was dreading this trip. The closer the chopper flew to Shia's compound, the more rage simmered in his heart. Dante wanted out along with Jakobe's wolf.

"We'll have our time," Dimitri said aloud watching the scenery below them.

It was still light out which can be tricky to do any type of hunting for Shia. The possibility of him being in a human town or a meet up of campers in the forested areas. It had them all thinking as to where he will be hiding his army. One can't just hide lab made wolves in broad daylight. There's a reason why they were all called, creatures of the night.

"And I wish for it soon," his friend growled lowly.

The pilot notified them of their oncoming descent. Looking out the window, Dimitri can see the flat black roof of the compound, shaded heavily by tall trees. He spotted a few of his soldiers standing watch on the roof and also the perimeter of the place. There was an open field a few feet away from it, where the chopper was about to land. When they were five feet off the ground, ten soldiers, heavily armed surrounded them, backs towards their king prepared for any attacks. Jakobe jumped down then Dimitri. Two of the men saluted him and led the way to the building.

Approaching the dark painted, one level compound, the aura around it was stifling, gloomy even. The level of pain and anguish had Dimitri stumbling over his own feet. Jakobe and one of the soldiers were quick enough to hold him by the arms. A sad whimper escaped him. His human side stepped aside for Dante to take over. Standing still, he felt it all. Their fear, their pain, their sadness. Taking a look at the men, they too felt it and probably witnessed it first hand.

He only got a glimpse and he was already affected. A soldier with a red armband on his right hand came walking out of the building. Face pale and expression grim, he came to a stop before his king, lowering himself to his knees.

"Your Majesty,"

"Dryden. Stand," The deep commanding voice of Dante had him standing quickly.

"How many?" Dante asked willing his emotions and his human's aside.

Dryden swallowed then answered. "Eleven kids. Nine Adult Females. Fifteen Adult Males. Marred and shot."

"Thirty-five human deaths? Dante, he has gone too far. There are probably more and disposed of. We have to find him," Jakobe argued standing before his king.

" Take ten soldiers and see if you can track him. Nearby packs are scouting the land. Be careful, Vane," Dante knew his best friend's wolf wouldn't stay behind his human. This was madness. So much death, the stench was in the air, it will send any wolf mad.

"You do the same, brother," Vane returned signaling for ten men to follow him.

"Stand down Dryden," Dante told the Alpha before making his way to the entrance. His first step into the narrow corridor, the iron smell of blood reached him. He released a low angry growl but still went on. At the end of the corridor stood two soldiers, one for each hallway. They bowed in respect but kept their eyes down. Dante understood.

"Last room on your left, your majesty," one said quietly before stepping aside. He was guarding the right corridor. Dante's booted feet echoed loudly against the concrete floor. On his right were white sterilized rooms with silver lab tables, blood splatter on the walls and tables, the floors. Equipment abandoned, syringes on the floor, on his left was a room with shackles also stained with blood.

Each step closer to that room, he can feel the burden on his shoulders grow heavier.

The last room on the left was dark. No lights were on. Opening the door, it felt like Death himself was attacking him. Swallowing deeply, he ordered for the light to be switched on over his link to them.

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