play date

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daddy pov

i decided i wanted to surprise my little princess with a play date. she told me she was homeschooled her entire life and never had real friends. that was gonna end today.

one of my friends madison has a little named nova. she was really cute but not as cute as my princess.  i woke up early this morning and made a huge pillow fort. i was gonna order pizza, hot wings and soda for us all to eat for dinner.

along with the play date nova and madison were gonna sleep over. i think my princess would just love it. i made the fort all pink and glittery. i put a tv in the fort so we could watch movies all night.

i woke her up at ten o'clock and bathed her. then we ate pancakes and bacon. she was stuffed. she fell asleep on the couch watching peppa pig. i let her sleep extra long since she'd be up all night.

she woke up at 12:30 and ate her chicken nuggets and fries. i made her drink it with milk even though she didn't like milk, she needed it though. she colored for about an two hours and watching paw patrol.

i finally decided to tell her about the play date.
"princess i have a surprise for you", she runs over to me.
"what is it, dada?!"
"we're having a play date today!", she jumps up and down.
"really!? with who?! is she nice?!"
"yes, she super nice and sweet. you'll love her. my friend has a little princess just like you named nova"
"and even better she'll gets to sleep over in the fort i made us!"
"a fort!!! omg daddy!!!", i walk her into the room with the fort. "woah daddy, it's huge!!!"
"i know and we're gonna have pizza, hot wigs and soda!"
"soda!!! i love soda, dada!", she screams.
"i know you do but they don't come for another hour. how about you draw nova a pretty picture?"
"okay!!!", she runs over to her coloring book and starts drawing.

i love my princess. she's perfect.

about an hour later we hear a knock on the door and princess runs to the door. she unlocks and opens it. "hi!!!!!", she giggles and they both run into a big hug.

they waddle in the house together still hugging.
"daddy, i think i like her", nova says to madison.
"i'm glad, babygirl", he smiles at her.

they both run into the fort room and play. i sit with madison.

princess pov

i ran into the fort room with my new bestiest friend. we fall down to the ground.
"hi, what's your name? oh wait i already know it's nova!", i giggle.
"yep and your name is rowan! i like that name!", she giggles and we hug.
"are you my bestie now?", she nods quickly.
"but only if you're mine", i pull her into another bear hug.

i had a best friend!!! yay!!!

"wanna color wif me?", i ask getting out my coloring book.
"i wuv to color", she kicks her feet.
"me too!!!"

we color for what felt like forever until our daddies said it was time for din din. i loved dinner time. for the first time ever i got to not eat in the kitchen. yippee.

we crawled into the fort with our food and i snuggled up against daddy and eat. daddy got me a bunch of napkins because i'm a messy princess. i finish my yummy food and then we start to watch tangled.

it was both me and nova's fav movie. hehe. daddy said it was around eight thirty and i was getting very sleepy. i looked over to nova and her to daddy. they we kissing and touching each other.

i looked up at daddy but he was watching the movie. i kinda wanted to do the same thing that they were doing but was scared to ask daddy.

i started to rub my booty against daddy. he grabbed me and pulled me close to him. i turned over and kissed him. i crawled on top of him in a straddle. i grind my self against him.

i saw a girl doing this once in a porno. i know i'm a bad girl. i shouldn't be watching that but my dad made me. he accused me of having sexy time with one of his co workers and forced me to watch a porno.

it was really bad. he's such a meanie.

"princess are you sure you want this?", daddy whispers into my ear.
"um...i think b-but i don't wanna have sex, daddy. i'm scared", i whisper.
"it's okay, we don't have to have sex. there's other things, princess", he grabs my booty and grinds my against him.

i giggle when i feel something tickle my inner leg.

"daddy", i whisper.
"i think there's something big and hard in your pants! what is it?", i wonder.
"that's daddy's cock, princess"
"what's a cock?"
"it's what makes daddy feel good, just like your princess parts do for you", i nod not really understanding.

i run against his cock faster and faster. i hear him groan in my ear. he grabs my hips and pulls me against him. i feel his cock even more. he begins softly pounding against my butt.

his cock rubbed against my princess parts. i got a tingling feeling down there. he kept doing it. he kissed my neck. i opened my eyes when i heard moans.

i looked across the fort to see nova bouncing on her daddy's cock. his cock seem just as big as daddy's. she seemed like she was having play time.

i wanted play time.

"daddy?", i whisper.
"yes, princess", he moans.
"um-c-can we do what t-they are doing?"
"princess, i thought you didn't wanna have sex?"
"i don't but-but don't you think i should, daddy?", i ask.
"only if you want to", i become overwhelmed not know if i should have sexy time with daddy or not.

he cuddles me as i think. i decide not to do it. i was too scared. what if it hurted? what if me no like it? would daddy still love me?

tears came rushing from my eyes and daddy cradled me like a baby. he picked me up and took me to my crib. all that thinking made me sleepy. he stayed with me until i slept.

i fell asleep thinking that i ruined my play date and fort time with daddy. pout.


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