shop til daddy drops

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princess pov

"dada! dada!", i jump on daddy's bed to wake him.
"what, princess?", he yawns.
"it's mall time!!!", i scream and run around the room.
"shhh...if you don't calm down we're not going anywhere", i plop on the ground and pout.
"now before we go to the mall you must take a bath", i rolls out of bed and he goes to pick me up.
"no! i can have bath time after mall time!", i shout in his face.
he gives me the death stare, "never mind dada, i'll
do bath time", i giggle.
"that's what i thought", he picks me up and puts me in my crib and runs my bath water.

he gets me out of the crib and strips me naked. i shyly cover up my body. i didn't like my body.

i had really big boobies with big thighs and a huge booty. i wanted to be skinny like other littles. daddy had never actually bathed me before.

"do you want me to bathe you or do you wanna do it, princess?", he pours a huge amount of bubbles into the water.
"umm-uhhh...can you bathe me, dada?", i ask nervously.
"of course, baby", he leans forward and grabs a pink sponge.

he begins to wash my soft skin with it. i giggle at the tickling feeling it gives off. i splash the bubbles and water. as daddy got lower down my body, my princess parts began to tingle a lot.

"daddy! please stop!", i yelp when he gets too close.
"what is it, princess?", he hesitates.
"i'll wash down there", i grab the sponge from him and wash my princess. "i done", i reach for him to get me out the bath.

he wraps me in a pink barbie princess towel and lays me in the crib. he turns on disney junior and i take a twenty minutes nappy time. daddy fixes us a to-go breakfast.

he goes to get the only other outfit i have from my bag.

he goes to get the only other outfit i have from my bag

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i was so excited to get new clothes. i hadn't gone shopping in years. and i always wanted to have a paci and wear diapers. and now i could.

"you ready, princess?", daddy asks putting me in the car.
"yes, daddy", i mumble eating my peanut and jelly sandwich.

the car ride was so long. daddy said there was traffic since it was lunch time. i was so hungry. actually i was hangry and wanted food. daddy said we could eat in the food court at the mall. i feel asleep in the car because i got car sicky. it made my tummy hurt even more.

finally after a long thirty minutes car ride we got to the mally. yay!!! i kick my feet and dance as daddy opens the car door. he unstraps me puts me on the ground. i run as fast as i can to the front door.

"princess! stop running!", daddy yells but i keep going.

i run faster and faster but trip on the curb and fall flat on my face. i began to cry. people around begin to stare.

why were they staring? it's not nice to stare.

daddy runs to pick me up and wipes my tears away. he tickles me a little so i can stop pouting.

"next time you run, daddy will punish you. and you forgot this", he hands me fluffy.

i can't believe i forgot about fluffy.

"thanks dada", i squeal.
"now come on", he grabs my hand.

we walk through the mall and get stared at even more. i didn't understand why. i'm just a princess walking with my daddy, sucking my thumb and holding my stuffie.

what's so weird about that?

anyway daddy told me to ignore them. we went to panda express. one of my favorite places since it's named after one of my favorite animals, a panda.

i eat my rice and spicy chicky. it was entirely too spicy for me. i had to drink a bunch of my water.

daddy finally got done eating and we went to babies r us. it was one of my favorite stores to shop at. it had everything i need. daddy picked pampers in every color and onesies too.

"daddy", i whine in the middle of the aisle.
"yes, princess", he says picking out sippy cups.
"you don't have to spend all this money on me, i don't deserve it. we can just put everything back. i can survive with just one outfit and my two onesies", i say putting back a few sippy cups.

"no, princess. you deserve the whole world and i'm gonna give it to you. we're buying this stuff whether you like it or not", he continues to shop.
"fine", i huff.

i was happy to get new stuff but felt guilty because he was spending so much and we were only at the first store. we go to victoria's secret. daddy said i needed to get some bras since my boobies made my back hurt.

i didn't want a bra. other littles didn't wear bras.
"no bra, dada!"
"yes, princess. you are getting a bra. now come and get measured", i huffed and puffed over to the lady.

we went into a dressing room. she made me take off my overalls and shirt. i tried to hide my boobies from her but she said she need to measure me. she said i had very large boobies. a size 40DD.

i didn't realize how huge my boobies were. i was such a petite girl for such big boobs. i barely weighted 100lbs.

i found ten bras. some of them were wirey and hurt but daddy said i'd get used to it. i wanted to get the ones called bralettes but i tried them on and daddy said it didn't give me a enough support.

i didn't need support! daddy was my support. why did i even need a bra. i decided to sneak a few in the bag anyway. oops. hehe. i'm am evil princess.

last but not least we went to gap. i went to the kids section and picked a bunch of outfits and shoes. i was so happy, happy, happy.

i danced in line as we got rung up. the lady behind the desk laughed at me and called me cute. i blushed.

"thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, daddy!!!", i give him a bear hug.
"you're welcome, princess", he hugs back.
"are we going home now?"
"if you want to or we could also go to toys r us and you could gets some new toys", he gleams.

i bounce up and down and we go to the store. i pick out a barbie dream house, three new barbies, a ken doll and a few stuffies. daddy's hands were so full that i had to hold a few things. we walked to the car and loaded it up.

"i love you, dada", i kiss his cheek.
"i love you too, princess", he kisses my lips.

my first kiss.


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