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The girl looked at the old house, it looked like nobody had lived there in ages, everyone kept on saying that there was a killer, nobody knew his name. Everyone calls him the bloody killer because he can kill 100 people in one night, which is pretty insane, but he is the only killer in this town.

The little girl slowly walked up to the creaky steps, every step she takes the louder it gets. She opened the door slowly when she opened it a cloud of dust blew out from the house. Her little hands got a good grip of the door handle, but she was too afraid to go into the house, but she slowly took one step at a time, every step that she took was more frightening.

The door shut quickly, the room was covered in white sheets on the furniture, the little girl looked over to her right and she saw a rocking chair, but when she got even close to it there was a guy just sitting there, with his Karambit. She looked at the knife closely, the blade of it curved and at the end it was sharp. She looked at the guys face, but she couldn't see through the ski mask. "What are you doing here?" The guy asked in a husky low voice, the little girl didn't speak at first, but as the guy started to rose from where he was sitting, she quickly spoke up. "I-I didn't know that someone was in here."

"Well now that you know, get out."
"I can't." She said.

"Why not."

"Well um because my parents don't want me." The guy chuckled.
"Do you know what I do to people or even little girls like you?"
She looked at him for a moment then she looked away. The guy walked slowly over to her, he grabbed her chin roughly and he tilted her head upward. "I'm gonna ask once more, and you better respond." The little girl nodded, "good, now do you know what I do to people or even little girls like you? You better respond quickly."
"No sir I don't."
He grinned as she said it.
"Well let me show you." He got his Karambit out, he looked into her eyes and he could see that she had fright in her eyes. He dragged her up the stairs, he threw her into an empty room and he locked it. The girl started to pound on the door, but the guy just laughed and he started to examine his knife closely.

Its been months since the girl has been locked in the room, he gave her food and water but he would just leave her in there. When the lunar eclipse came, when the moon gets fully red like a blood red, that's when he would kill her. The little girl didn't move from her spot, she was curled up in a little ball in a tiny corner. The lunar eclipse will be coming tonight at like 8 o clock. The girl had many things racing through her mind, like how she would ever get out of here, or like does the town even know that she is in here, or like do they already think that she is dead. The girl found something on the ground, she walked over to it and she figured out what it was. It was a paper clip, it was one of those jumbo size paper clips. She quickly bends it and tried to pick the lock. After a few times she gave up, but after a little while, she tried it again, after a couple of tries she finally got it. She slowly opened it, she looked to the right then to the left, then to the right again, she got out and started to tiptoe quietly, she didn't see the guy nor did she hear him. When she looked to her right, she saw blood spattered across the wall, she gasped and she stumbled over something.

When she fell, she looked at what made her stumbled. She saw a hand then her eyes trailed off to an arm, she gasped as she saw the body, it was a girl who got killed about two years ago, the police couldn't find her, they say that this girl was at a bar, she drank too much and she got drunk, she had something valuable to her that was a pure golden locket, but someone took it. The guy killed her but the FBI is still on the case. The little girl looked at the older girl's neck, it looked like a knife or a rope that cut her. Maybe that's how she died or was she choked by the same person who has her now? The little girl was scared to die but not like this, she has a future ahead of her, she had to get out of here.

She ran to the door, she wiggled the doorknob but it was locked. She quickly tried to pick the lock but it was impossible, she felt something on her shoulder, when she looked she saw the guy. He was dressed in a black T-shirt, black jeans, and black boots. He was a dark guy but not the type of bad boy attitude. No, he had deep secrets that nobody wants to know. He was a killer for sure, because the way he looks at the little girl, was a scary type of look. She tried to push him out of the way, but he didn't bung. He chuckled lowly, "was that supposed to hurt me?" She didn't respond to his question, instead she shoved him once more then he stumbled a little. The little girl took off up the steps, "you little brat!"
She heard him shout but she didn't look back, she flew into a room which luckily for her had windows. She tried to open one and after a couple of pushes she finally got it, she looked out the window and she could see that she was high up. She could hear the guy's footsteps from the stairs. She had to make this jump if she didn't then she'll probably get killed. It was dark out already and she would probably break a leg, but it's better than getting killed. She sat on the edge of the window, when she looked back she saw the guy. When the guy started to make his way towards her, she quickly pushed off the window and she landed the wrong way, her leg landed behind her. She tried to get up, but she couldn't. She cried softly, her leg was broken, she pushed herself upward and her good leg balanced her, she limped off as quickly as possible, she heard the guy coming. Every step that she took the more her leg hurts, the girl limped off into the dark woods, she suddenly tripped over a tree root, she looked back but she didn't see the guy anymore. She then heard twigs snap from the distance. She tried to get up once more but she couldn't she then saw the guy who was now in front of her, she looked up at the guy who was now not wearing his ski mask.

She looked at the scar that went to his forehead to his cheek, she stared at his black eyes, which were as black orbits, she stared at his handsome face, she couldn't look away from him, how would a killer who wanted to kill her, look so handsome. The guy grabbed her by the neck, and she struggled to break free from his grip, his hand fits perfectly around her neck. He started to choke her a little, she started to dig her nails into his hand, she choked on her words as she tried to speak, "p-please, l-let me go." The guy chuckled as she begged him. He brought her closer to him, and he whispered into her ear ever so quietly. "You think that you could have run away from me? No, you couldn't, now that you ran away I'll make sure that you can't run away anymore." He grabbed her other leg, the little girl started to whimper, the guy loosened his grip on the girl's neck, he wanted to hear her scream. She begged him not to, but as soon as she cursed at him, he said. "Little girls shouldn't curse, tsk tsk tsk. I think you'll need to learn some manners from me, don't you think? " She tried to turn away so that she didn't have to look at him. "Look at me, little girl." She looked at him, and he smirked. He still had a firm grip on the girl's leg. He suddenly pulled the little girl's leg back, and she cried in pain. The guy looked at her, and he grinned. He looked into the girl's eyes, and he saw tears spilling over her cheeks. "Good girl, that's what I like to see." She still digging her nails into his skin. "That doesn't hurt one bit."

He threw her down, and he got on top of her, he weighed more than the little girl. The girl struggled to push him off, but it was impossible. He got his knife out and when he looked up in the night sky, he saw that the lunar eclipse was forming, after a couple of seconds, the moon was now a bloody color. The guy looked at the little girl, and he leaned down to the girl's ear, and he said. "Times up sweetheart." He placed the Karambit at the girl's neck, and he quickly dragged the knife across the little girl's neck. Before her scream could get out, it was cut off from the Karambit, which sliced her neck. The guy looked at the girl's eyes which the black was filling up space in her eyes. The guy got up and he grabbed her, and he dragged her over to a hole that he drugged earlier, and he threw her in the hole, and he buried her. He then grabbed a fist full of grass seeds, and he sprinkled it all over her grave. He then left and he headed towards where he lives.

As soon as the guy got home he grabbed a beer, and he started to take little sips from the bottle, as soon as he finished, he threw the bottle at a wall and it shattered, little pieces of glass fell to the filthy floor.
The sunrise came up, and when the guy turned on the news, he saw police officers and the news people interviewing on the little girl's parents. She started babbling non-stop about her daughter. The guy chuckled a little, but he wasn't drunk. If he drank 20 or even 10 beers, he would have been knocked out by now. The guy thought to himself for a moment, he needed to get out of this town and go to Colorado, which isn't far from where he lives. He quickly packed up what he needed and he got in his black SUV. He then drove off, but he was still a killer, no matter what.

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