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you guys are nowhere near close to coming aren't you?


actually... we just left the house and now we are on our way.


it won't take long i promise.


if you want, i'll tell madelaine to step on it.


oh my god you have her driving?


getting her out of bed was a tassel.


you should give at least thank me. for all i know, she could come in her sweats,
not knowing sooner or later she'll be meeting the "man of her dreams."


whatever. just be here in ten. the rest of us will be in the arena.
call me when you get here and i'll text you or seating arrangements.

not really sure how madelaine is gonna react about all this. i hope she cracks a smile. a fake one at least. she deserves a night out with all of us. as her friends, we are here to do that.

 "who were you texting?" she breaks the silence once again. her voice startles me i drop my phone on my lap.

i gulped. "david."

she rolled her eyes. that's her thing. "what'd he tell you? that he brought a pony to the gig or a flame thrower to make the show 'lit.'"

i chuckled. "no, he just said if we were almost here." i check the time on my phone. it's seven forty-six. we have five minutes left to make it to the arena. "i said that we had just left the house. he literally gave us ten minutes to get there." my heart was beating like crazy.

"poor david." maddie fakes a pout, her lip slightly quivering in the act. "we're literally here. all we need to do is pass by the starbucks and burger king and we'll be there!" my eyes widened. how are we there so fast?! god, time was ticking.

it didn't take long for us to pass by the starbucks and burger king. my stomach was legit doing flips. from a person who normally does whatever she wants, why am i so scared? i guess i can say i'm doing my best friend a favor. a sweet, sweet favor. she is bound to find out soon anyways.

maddie and i walk inside the arena. people walk pass by us and people are in line for food. hmm, a pretzel with cheese does sound good right now.

 but unfortunately i have to stick with operation shawn mendes and madelaine neidhart. playing match maker can be so tiring.

eventually, maddie and i find david. this is it. my best friend is about to be shown the way to a celebrity. david, jason, todd, zane, jeff, jonah and his brother vardan are waiting in a corner. most likely waiting for us.

 "what took you guys so long??" vardan is first to engulf us in hugs. he was such a sweet armenian kid.

i hug back. "miss litle-i-wanna-stay-home took forever to get ready, which took us forever to get here. but we're here now. i'm here for billie eilish. what about you guys?" 

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