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Liza started crying. "David I love you and I want what's best for you and it's not with her." Just please"

"Liza no, I'm in LOVE WITH HOLLY. I want to live with holly, I want her to be the one to have my children, I want to grow old with her. I want to die with her. I never wanted that with you." David says and I start to cry.

David turns around and looks at me and starts walking closer to me.
"I want to be with you for the rest of my entire life. I want you."

Liza is already gone at this point and then David gets
on one knee.

I start balling even more. I already knew what I was
gonna say.

"Holly, I loved you even when I first looked at you. I knew you were the one for me."

The vlog squad crying and recording on David's camera.

"Holly what I said to her was all to real. I want to live with you, I want you to have my children, I want to grow old with you. I want to die with you. All I have to do is thank that damn plane ride. I thank you.
So will you be do the honors of being the best wife and the best friend of mine." David says crying.

I look down at him shaking. I say.


He comes up picks me up and kisses me and put this
gorgeous ring on my hand.

"So Mrs. Dobrik, what do you say we go head home."
He says smiling wiping away our tears.

"I think we should Mr. Dobrik"

We go up to the vlog squad and look at them I run and hug everyone. And David takes his camera.
Then Scotty screams TO THE DOBRIKS. Me and David look at each other a smile and he pulls in for another big kiss and a hug.

Todd comes out asking what's all the fuss about.

This will end bad.

They are Married actually engaged!! 😂 hahahahahahaahahahah i know it's soon but I ran out of ideas 🥰😍😘😗

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