17 ~ Not That Exciting Or Unique

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A/N: My last chapter had a lot of questions asking if Reader and our boy Kaminari will ever meet IRL.  The answer to that is yes they will.  That's all now let's get to the story.

"Okay so Midori I'mma probably fail our term paper." I sighed as everyone began exiting the classroom.

"How come,  [L/N]?" Midoryia asked with concern lacing his voice.

"Well... The topic is about a unique experience we've been through... But how do I put this? My life is boring and basic." I struggled to explain.

"Awe c'mon it can't be that boring.  Haven't you been on any exciting vacations or a really romantic relationship?" He asked with a soft chuckle.

"Literally all my relationships were shit and vacations?  Please I've only been to Tokyo once. That was the most exciting one, and guess what? The Tokyo vacation was pretty boring.  We did what most families do, tour, shop, sleep,  and argue." I ranted.

"Well damn [L/N]. I guess you better start going in search of a unique experience." Midoryia gave me a look that screamed "pity".

"No kidding. I was gonna write about the time my life was saved by an idol of mine." He informed.

"Oh yeah... You went through that whole depression thing.  The guy who helped you out was Toshinori Yagi." I remembered the time Midoryia told me about this.  It was during one of our weekly study dates as we called them.

"Yepper. So I'mma go head to our next class.  See 'ya later and good luck." Midoryia gave me a wave and took off.

"Bye Midori. " I waved back.

What the hell should I write about?

Just then my phone vibrated. I checked to see it was my daily snap from Kaminari.


How's it going love?


Fine ig just tryna get through college


Awe ik sum is up talk to me


Well I got no motivation for my term paper so I'm kinda stressed.


Can't be that hard. I usually just bull shitted my way through those


Can't rlly do that for a creative writing class. 


You make a good point there.


Uh... Yeah

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