bathing in purgatory

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*uhhh smut warning if it wasn't obvious already*
(pic was inspiration)

things were fine until benny left.

i mean, it wasn't great, because they were still trapped in purgatory with no end in sight. but dean and cas's relationship was always... different when they were alone.

it started with dean waking up from nightmares with his head in castiel's lap, the angel whispering words of reassurance in his ear. castiel wasn't good with knowing how humans work, but with dean he always seemed to know what to say. what to do. dean would wake up, tears streaming down his face nearly every night. but every night, he was comforted back to reality before he fell back asleep without moving from the spot. sometimes cas would even absentmindedly run a hand through dean's hair. they'd never bring it up though.

the sexual jokes dean always made toward cas had a different kind of meaning now. before, many people were around to laugh at it. but now with it just being him and cas, the "jokes" gave off a different vibe. every day one of them would end up flustered and blushing. it was getting harder and harder for the two to stay away from
each other.

on one particular night, dean seemed to be having another nightmare. he was whining, so castiel immediately rushed to his side and put the boy's head in his lap. "shh, sh. it's okay." he whispered. he soon noticed that something was different about this dream though. first off, dean wasn't crying. second, the sounds dean was making were much more... sexually suggestive than they usually were. soon, dean was full on moaning, and out of curiosity castiel looked down to dean's jeans and saw the outline of his hard penis through his jeans. he also saw a little wet spot that he guessed was precome. at first, castiel was all ready to just wait it out. he knew "wet dreams" were common for humans, and not having sex in so long from being stuck in purgatory was a plenty good enough to trigger one. he heard one key word come out of dean's mouth though.

"cas..." at first it was a mumble, enough to catch castiel's attention but he didn't know for sure if he heard right.

dean arched his back and moaned again. "fuck! cas!" okay, yep, he definitely heard right. castiel quickly got up, making sure not to wake dean up. he felt his dick get hard but he knew that it wasn't okay to relieve yourself next to a sleeping person. he walked a good 10 feet away, tuning out dean's moaning, and willed his erection to go down.

this was going to be a long night.


later that day, cas and dean were sitting next to each other under a tree, keeping an eye out for monsters. dean was spinning one of his knives around in his hand mindlessly while castiel was looking up towards the sky, lost in thought. dean was the one to snap him out of his daze.

"dude, you stink. like really bad." cas looked at dean, but the human refused to meet his gaze. he was now doodling in the dirt with his finger like a child.

"i could say the same thing about you." this was when dean looked back at cas,
narrowing his eyes judgmentally.

"guess we should find a place to bathe then." he stood up suddenly, holding out a hand to cas for him to do the same. "come on, i think i hear running water somewhere that way."

castiel took his hand and stood, doing his best to hide the blush that crossed his cheeks. he let dean lead the way to wherever they were going, listening closely to make sure they wouldn't get ambushed.

when they finally found a small pond, dean was much more excited than cas.

"finally!" he exclaimed, already beginning to peel the layers of clothes off his body. castiel stood back with wide eyes, nervous about the implications. dean wanted to swim naked, and he probably expected castiel to do the same. cas knew that for humans, being naked around each other was very intimate. he watched as dean pulled off his shirt, staring at the way his muscles moved under his skin. he was pulled out of his trance though when dean moved to the lower half of his body and started unbuttoning his jeans. he realized that he needed to do the same, and pulled his trench coat off followed by his suit jacket and then his tie. he was unbuttoning his white shirt when dean turned around, the only thing on his body being boxers.

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