Shoot Me. //Kram.

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TW: Murder, death, manipulation, and gore.

Be safe, people!


P.S: someone give me prompts for my McKelly book.

P.P.S: ---almiiighty you are so gonna kill me.


Two teens lay unconscious inside a white room. One was a brown haired boy, with hazel eyes. The other was a lighter brown haired male with green eyes. They both wore letterman jackets. Where they were? They didn't know. The green eyed teen awoke first, jolting up into a sitting position with a pounding feeling at the back of his skull. He looked over at the other, rushing over and starting to shake him, “Ram? Ram!” he called the other's name, and Ram slowly opened his eyelids, almost glaring at the one he deemed his boyfriend.

“What?” Then the stinging pain returned, and memories flooded back to the two boys, “Shit, Kurt.. What happened, man?”

“Well,” Kurt started, retracing his thoughts, “We were on our way home when two people knocked us out from behind.” He recalled dazedly, glancing around the room with a glint of fright. Ram looked at him.

“What do you think they want with us, bro?”

“Honestly, I don't know, Ram.” The mentioned male opened his mouth to speak when an automated message cut him off.

“Ah, it looks like you two are awake, about time.” They both recognised it immediately. Jason Dean, or J.D, for short. He shot blanks at them in the school cafeteria when he first arrived to Westerburg. They knew him too well.

“You!” Ram spat aggressively, “What did you do to us?! Oh, you must've had something to do with the sudden disappearance of Veronica! Didn't you, asshole!” He lashed out, as the so-called psycho chuckled.

“You catch on quick, I'll give you that, Ram. But, I've done something truly wonderful to my love.”

“You'll pay for this!” Ram yelled, as Kurt placed a hand on his shoulder as a sign of saying to stop. He didn't, continuing to yell and curse. Fortunately, he tired himself out, sitting back down on the floor, slumping against his boyfriend.

“Tired already? Wow. How pathetic of you.” Trenchcoat chuckled, entering the room, a smiling Veronica by his side. Kurt perked up.

“Veronica?” She didn't answer, though that's when Kurt noticed she had a scalpel in her hand. He shuddered. What had J.D done to this girl? J.D chuckled.

“You asshole! She needs serious help!” Ram found his voice. Veronica giggled in response, shutting him up.

“I don't.” She replied. J.D pointed to Ram.

“Cut his tongue out, that barking is really getting on my nerves.”

“Of course, my love.” The brunette grabbed Ram's shirt collar, slamming him onto the ground and sitting on him, trying to force his mouth open. The restrained teen looked to Kurt for help, who was about to tackle the blue Heather, when Jason grinned sadistically.

“I wouldn't do that if I were you,” He began, facing Kurt, “Unless you want his throat slit. Play your cards right, and he may live.” So Kurt sat in a guilty silence as Veronica performed the deed, Ram's tongue removed, and blood constantly piling in his mouth. He had tears stinging his eyes. Kurt wanted nothing more then to help him, but J.D was preventing him with fear. The light haired boy glare daggers at the two sadists, Veronica now having returned to his side, plastered in blood, it matted her hair, and she was fucking licking it off the scalpel. Ram had a look of absolute betrayal on his face when he looked at all three of them.

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