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I swore the entire ride home that Ashton was more excited than I was.

He was making plans, already calling that it was going to be a little boy- everything that just made me more and more excited.

"What if I can't do this by myself?" I questioned slowly.

"Baby, that should be the last of your worries" he spoke calmly.

"You have four guys who would give a arm and a leg to see you happy- the same thing is going to apply for your baby." He spoke.

"Listen- you graduate college next month, you already have a good ass paying job- you're going to have it made with your baby, I promise you" he spoke, keeping his eyes focused to the road.

"I would never steer you in the wrong direction, Casey"

We got to the guys house and we let the excitement get the best of us.

We literally ran into the house- bouncing.

I ran straight to Luke as Ash ran to Michael.

"Luke- I have good news!" I yelled as I ran into the room- breaking up his and Sierra's make our session- which at this point, I didn't even care about.

"What the hell, Casey?" He immediately laughed out, both of them looking to me.

"I'm pregnant" I spoke, seeing both of their eyes widen.

"You're seriously?" He questioned slowly- making me nod quickly.

"Casey!" He yelled, running to me and literally picking me up into a hug.

"Congratulations baby, what's Nick think about it?" That almost immediately reminded me of the one thing that bothered me.

I stepped back- and I could tell that he sensed my attitude change.

"Nick uh- dumped me over it" I cleared my throat, feeling Sierra almost immediately grab my hand.

"But it's okay" I nodded slowly.

"I can do it by myself- I'm happy"

All night we celebrated.

I planned- I apartment shopped online, I shopped for everything.

I was so fucking excited.

The next morning I woke up to the door shutting- making me realize I fell asleep on the couch.

"What are you doing here?" Calum's voice questioned- almost seeming panicked.

I was tired- but still excited

"Nick kicked me out" I barely mumbled, rubbing my eyes

"Baby- why?" He spoke slowly, his arm wrapping around me as he hugged me into him.

"Because I'm pregnant and he doesn't want a baby" I ripped the bandaid off- seeing him pull away to look to me.

"You're-" he cut himself off to look at me.

"You're fucking pregnant?" I watched a smile stretch onto his face.

"Six weeks" I grinned- watching his hand go into his hair.

"Is this good news- are you truly happy?" He questioned.

I nodded quickly.

"Calum- I'm so fucking happy."

"When are we getting an appointment-" "today! I'm ready to see the little mate!" Ashton yelled as he ran down the stairs, fully dressed.

He stared at the two of us for a second.

"Come on momma- get dressed, Calum- you have ten minutes before you get left.

I quickly changed into jeans and a hoodie, braiding my hair and brushing my teeth before Ashton rushed me out of the bathroom.

The five of us got into Ashton's car- Calum never telling my mom where we were going before we left.

"This brings back memories" Calum hummed as I intertwined our arms, walking into the hospital.

I looked up to him, smiling at him.
"Didn't think you'd be coming to see my baby, did you?" I shot at him slowly.

"No princess, I can't say that I did"

We went into the prenatal area- Ashton immediately getting us into a room, shutting the door.

"So you're at six weeks" he spoke slowly, flipping through a book.

"So your baby is the size of a sweet pea- we should be able to hear his or her little heart beat" he spoke, slipping gloves on as Calum gently pushed my shoulders to rest against the bed.

He lifted my shirt, getting the ultrasound ready.

"It's going to be a little cold" he mumbled as he set it onto my stomach, making Calum quickly hold my hand as we all looked to the screen, silent.

He moved the stick around before he froze.

"And there's our little sweet pea" he smiled out, touching the screen on the smallest little area.

"Can see it's little head" Luke pointed out, smiling.

"Let's see if we're not too early for this heart beat"

The room went dead silent as he clicked something- and we could immediately hear a noise that made Ashton's eyebrows raise.

"And that is your baby's heartbeat, congratulations Casey"

I swore- I could've cried.

Ashton went over rules with me, telling me what I could and couldn't eat, what precautions to take and everything.

"But you don't have any worries right now- everything is perfect."

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