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 Just a warning, there is very mild sexual content in this chapter! 

'Was having nightmares constantly something that happened to you when you were pregnant?' 

'Yeah, a little I suppose' May answered. 'However, I think it wasn't half as bad as yours seem to be.' 

Lisa had been learning a lot from May in the past few days. She was a lovely person and she could definitely see herself getting on very well with her. May didn't seem to judge her at all and she didn't seem to be prying about her and Achilles, even though it was fairly evident that there was tension between him and Lisa. 

However, Lisa couldn't seem to wrap her head around the way they all just seemed to relax and accept that he was kicking off all the time. It seemed strange that they were all so relaxed about him and it was definitely something she felt out of her depth with. The more she seemed to think about it, the more she thought that perhaps some of the things Alma Stack had said had stayed with her or perhaps she just wasn't like the Starling family who had dealt with this before and seemed so chilled out about it. 

It was strange that May Starling could look at her son who was a half demon losing his shit and just accept it. 

Lisa was starting to get used to Achilles coming out of his father's office yelling about something, it was like coming home had actually made him worse.

The nightmares were certainly something that had been keeping Lisa awake at night. She didn't understand why she was getting them but she was certain it was linked to Achilles. She spent most nights sitting up in bed, trying to sleep.

But not tonight. She was certain everyone was asleep. Lisa was walking around the house, trying to tire herself out some way and found herself standing in the kitchen. It was quiet and all she could hear was her breathing until she heard a voice behind her.

'Can't sleep?'

She turned to face who it was, and saw Aster, with a peaceful smile on his face.

'Unfortunately, no. You?'


'What's eating you?' Lisa said softly.

'Ah nothing, it's just been a while since we've all been together, you know? As a family. It brings back some weird times.'

'I can imagine.'

'You know I spent so much of my teens angry with Achilles, jealous of him, and now, I can't feel anything but sorry for him. He's such a mess Lisa.'

'I feel like there's so much I will never know about him.'

Aster laughed. 'Don't be so dramatic Lisa, you just have to ask him, he's going to come around eventually.'

'So everyone keeps telling me. I think I'm going to go to bed now, goodnight Aster.'

'Goodnight Lisa.'

Lisa went upstairs, there was a bathroom attached to the room she was staying in and she looked in the mirror at herself. She was so over these red eyes.

'What were you doing down there with my brother?'

Achilles' voice behind her made her jump.

'We were talking.' She could see his reflection in the mirror.


'Does it really matter?'

'You know, I know you all talk about me, like there's something wrong with me.'

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