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Here's a playlist of songs in no particular order that I listened to for feelings. Have fun listening try not to cry

The Sword and the Pen by Regina Spektor
Human by Christina Perri
I Can Barely Say by The Fray
Fear by Sleeping at Last
Anger by Sleeping at Last
Sorrow by Sleeping at Last
Neptune by Sleeping at Last
Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol/Sleeping at Last
Circles by Ludovico Einaudi ft. Greta Svabo Bech
Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating In Space by Spiritualized
The Scientist by Coldplay
Trouble by Coldplay
Untitled 7 by Sigor Ros
Ara Batur by Sigor Ros
Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls
Run to You by Pentatonix
Can't Help Falling In Love Pentatonix
Futile Devices by Sufjan Stevens
Mystery of Love by Sufjan Stevens
Life and Death by Paul Cardall
An Unfinished Life by Audiomachine
Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran
Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran
This by Ed Sheeran
Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran
I Could Almost Feel You by Owsey
Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy

So what did y'all think? Like, hate, love, cry? PLEASEEEE COMMENT! Comments are the sustenance writers' inspiration and motivation live off of. So please. Comment.

Time to be honest as many of you may know I have killed off characters before. Some people even consider it my "thing." All my deaths serve a purpose; they're not just death for the sake of death and making y'all cry.

That being said, I have never mourned a character like I mourned Aiden. I fucking HATED killing him. I still like genuinely grieve a little because he was wonderful and wonderful to write and now he's gone. It's probably weird and therapists would probably be worried about my attachment to a fictional character but it's true.

I knew he was gonna die for a while (it's even been written out for a long time) but that didn't stop me from hating it. But his death does serve a purpose, and without it Cashile would never have developed further, I don't think. She would have remained in this in-between state of caring about but not loving and never healing or progressing any more than she already had.

I still hate it a bit because he's gone and that sucks fucking ass.


As it said, end of PART ONE AKA there WILL be a part two. It might take us a while to post it, but we are working on it!

Opinion poll: would it be better to just post part two in the already existing book or start a new one? I just ask because I know The Strength of Humanity is getting kind of long so. But now that I write this I think it would just be better to keep it all in one book. Is this question even necessary anymore? Eh, I'll leave it up for you guys to talk about anyway.

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Please comment! I know it takes time to write out long comments but it means so much to us and is basically like 90% of what drives us to write this. SO please. Comment.

FOr the last time in a while? Maybe? Aka idek how long but we do need to figure out wtf is left in shippuden because it's so fucking long. Besides the point, though. Don't expect an update in a while and by in a while I mean it won't come out next week or probably even the week after that or maybe even the week after that? It might be ready in two weeks it might be ready in a month it might take even longer than that we'll see

(as always comments would make the writing go faster)

thanks for sticking with us this far! On to Part II!


So, that's.. the end. Also, I got dumped, woohoo. Fun experience (not) therefore, I could really use some NICE comments (despite how you feel about our ending). Also I ate too much Korean BBQ and now I feel sick... but you know who has more problems than me? Cashile. Though my life isn't fictional... sometimes I wish It was. Anywho, hope you liked the ending! Our journey isnt over yet, more to come :)


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