Chapter I- Sad Goodbye and Council Chambers

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Eros Morningstar

   I looked up at the dress. It was beautiful. Pearls and lace coated the bodice as tulle flared out right under. The back was open. When I wore it you could see my markings. I averted my eyes trying not think about tomorrow. Tomorrow's going to either be a nightmare or a dream.

My mother seems to believe that the most important thing is to find your mate. Your other half. Your soulmate. My dad wants me to mate a strong powerful lycan. He's an alpha and he wants me to be taken care off, but not by some omega. I want my mate but I don't want to disappointment my father, but like my mom said he's going to have to get over it.

I walked towards my bathroom. The shower look enticing. My showers were in knots due to training. My hair looked like it needed it. I stripped my jeans and shirt off and stepped into the hot water.

After some time I turned off the water and stepped out feeling clean and fresh. I quickly dried off before walking out of the bathroom. I got my pajamas on and didn't waste anytime falling asleep.


   "Eros?" I heard whispering. I frantically got up and looked at time. 2:45 am. I looked towards my door and found were the whispering was coming from.

  "Farrah. What are you doing. It's almost three in the bloody morning!" I whispered-yelled. She had a sad look on her face that I couldn't quite get. The seven years old waddled her way up to my bed.

   "I'm sad Eros." She pouted before looking into my eye. My features soften at her words. "Eros what if I never see you again? Who's gonna play dolls with me? Or play dress up with me?" I kissed her forehead before looking back at her.

   "Hey Fare, I will make it my duty to come back every month to see you." Her face lit up at my words, but her sad demeanor came back.

    "Eros I don't think Mikael would play with me." She frowns. I pick up her chin and smile at her.

"There's always the girls in the pack Ferrah. Plus I'll always come and visit. I promise." I don't break promises so whoever my mate is better be ready.

I looked down, after a couple minutes of silence past, so see a little Ferrah sleeping on my lap. I was going to miss her as well as my other siblings. They mean a lot to me. My brother will be carrying on the alpha name and I will be left to mate some alpha male or my mate. I guess we will see by 8pm tonight.


"Eros get up." My mom yelled from the other side of the door. She was also banging it. Making my ear drums hurt. Ferrah looked groggily at my room. Her brown hair was in knots as well as mine. We both looked at each other and smiled before she got up and ran to the door.

   Our mother stood there looking distressed. Ferrah giggles before running down the hallway. Mother looked at me like I was crazy. "Let's go, get ready Eros we only have an hour!" She stormed out of my room probably to catch the little ones.

   I got my suitcase that was Already packed. It had the essentials, we will be up at the council for a week; Day 1, is the Mating Ball, Day 2, 3, and 4 are for the mates to spend time together, Day 5 is for them to decide were they will be living. This Is what the council calls Quiqui Admittit Pila or The Mating Ball. My brother, Blair, and I are now old enough to go to the bloody thing. Blair wanted to find his mate so that he could take the pack so that dad would stop bugging him. I wanted a mate so that my dad would get off me about not having one as well.

"Eros? You ready?" I heard Blair say as he peeked his head through the crack of the door. I nodded my head and put my hoodie over my head.

We got everything into the black van and headed off to London. It shouldn't be that long we are only in Wales.


"Eros we are here. Wake up." I heard the annoying pester of my twin. Blair. I opened my eyes only to be bet with his gray ones. I slapped his head before fully getting up. I was lying on the the two empty seats besides me. Blair took Back seat and mom and dad were up front.

"Blair shut the hell up!" I was annoyed by him plus my wolf was anxious. She didn't know what tonight might have in store and I was with her.

We all got out of the car and headed our way into the council chambers. The chambers were beautiful, despite the name. Family Crests and Family portraits hung on the tall walls. I saw many people in the halls. Many girls and many boy. Both strong and weak. Both Alphas and Omegas. As of now and until the ball starts, girls will be stay in the west wing and guys will stay in the east wing. The Alphas and Luna's that accompanied their children with stay in the south wing. After tonight anyone is free to go anywhere except for the locked doors and the north wing, were the council lay.

Mom and dad both got our rooms as we looked around. We saw our family crest and just stared. The Morningstar hung with the book of our pack. The Morningstar pack is one of the greatest. We are not known for fighting we are known for peace. We hold our pride high.


The room was beautiful. The curtains were sheer tulle and the sheets were silk. The balcony showed the forest perfectly. The once green trees were now orange and yellow. The fall had come. This October is bound to be interesting.


Chapter I of Markings!!!!
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